Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Maybe Shes Your Mother
Chapter 689: Maybe She's Your Mother
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"What, your mother also came from this orphanage?" Ali and the rest were stunned with shock.

Xinghe nodded. "Yes."

"This is such a coincidence! How could such a thing happen? Your mother and the second Shen Miss came from the same orphanage. Do you think they know each other?" Ali's interest was piqued.

Xinghe's eyes shuddered slightly. "I can't say for sure whether they know each other but they were of the same age, so it wouldn't be that far-fetched to be true."

"They were from the same orphanage, they had to know each other! This is incredible"

"Xinghe, is it possible that your mother is the second Shen Miss?" Cairn said suddenly. This caused everyone to go completely silent.

Sam burst out saying, "Cairn might be right!"

"Xinghe, let's check, she might be your mother!" Ali was sold on this interesting development. Cairn and Wolf looked at her expectantly. For some reason, Xinghe's heart also started to beat faster

How could it be? Her mother is the Shen family's second daughter? That would be such an absurd coincidence. However, she couldn't stop herself from thinking that way.

In the end, she decided to entertain the possibility because it was after all, not completely zero. Xinghe told them after she came to her decision. "Okay, we will go check tomorrow."

"Xinghe, if your mother is really the Shen family's second daughter, then you are truly a part of the Shen family. Elder Shen will be your biological grandfather and Madam President your biological aunt, wouldn't that be wonderful? I think I'm starting to wish your mother is really the person we're looking for," Ali said excitedly.

"If this is true, then the world is truly a miraculous place," Sam said happily but added with a smug smile, "We'll see what that Miss Tong has to say to challenge your position then!"

"That's right, she has been using her bloodlines as leverage to bully you, so after we have this confirmed, we shall go back to face-slap her with the truth, make her understand what the meaning of karma is!" Ali also chimed in, she couldn't wait for that chapter to arrive, because she wanted to see Tong Yan's slapped face so badly.

Xinghe couldn't help but laugh. "This is still not confirmed so don't think so far ahead. If this is not true, then the joke's on us."

"It has to be true!" Ali claimed with confidence. "And don't doubt a woman's intuition."

"Does your mother look or feel like a Shen?" Wolf asked.

Xinghe was quiet as she went deep in thought. Actually, she couldn't remember much about her mother, but she did picture her as a very intelligent and graceful woman. Her presence was similar to those of the Shen family and even their looks

However, all of that couldn't be used as proof. Xinghe decided to push it out of her mind for now. Until she had concrete evidence, there was no use building sand castles.

She would have to do her best to investigate this possibility, after all, anything is possible, but what if they were indeed one and the same

Xinghe's emotions became complicated again just thinking about it.

Every night Mubai would call Xinghe to chat, and it was no exception for that night.

Xinghe told him everything that had happened that day.

When Mubai heard that possibility, there was surprise and anticipation in his voice, "Could they really be the same person?"