Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Chu Tianxin Who
Chapter 69: Chu Tianxin, Who?

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Xinghe was very much out of it until the sound of Lin Lin's wish brought her crashing back to reality.

"I wish Daddy and Mommy would stay together forever," Lin Lin whispered audibly before blowing out the candle.

The air in the room instantly froze. Everyone attended to their own thoughts.

Young Master Xi sure made an interesting wish. He wants his daddy and mommy to stay together while the identity of his daddy is obvious, the 'mommy' in question certainly is up for debate.

Didn't Young Master Xi refer to Chu Tianxin as Auntie Chu? Is he trying to embarrass Tianxin who is standing right there? Does this mean the boy wants his parent to remarry?

Then again, he is just a 4-year-old kid, he probably blurted the words out without first processing them through his mind.

Is it not common for a young boy to wish for his parents to stay together?

Maybe he already sees Tianxin as his mother. After all, his wish didn't mention anything about remarriage.

However, he might be too young to understand the concept of marriage and divorce Regardless, this is all too interesting.

Everyone watched with bated breath to see how things would unfold.

Some in the crowd even came up with the thought, maybe it is not so bad for CEO Xi to rekindle his marriage with his ex-wife.

It was not that they looked down on Tianxin.

It was just Mubai and Xinghe looked too good together standing next to each other.

Originally, before Xinghe arrived, they felt the same way about Tianxin and Mubai. Tianxin was gorgeous like a diamond, glittering in the dark.

However, Xinghe was like a sun, blocking out Tianxin completely.

Under the brilliant radiance of the sun, the diamond had lost its original luster.

Comparison is hurtful, more often than not.

With the two women standing in the same room, comparison was rife and the winner was obvious.

Incidentally, this was Tianxin's original plan.

She invited Xinghe to the birthday party to serve as a foil to heighten her own glow, to let everyone know, she was the only one good enough for Mubai.

Obviously, her plan backfired.

She became the foil that complimented Xinghe, the star.

The fact that she was a veritable catch herself only proved to show how truly remarkable Xinghe was.

The contrast that completely worked against her initial expectation made her lightheaded. If not for the decorum demanded by the occasion, she would make the b*tch suffer!

Throw in that bastard son of hers as well, the literal son of a b*tch that purposely made her look bad. She wished violently for the both of them to fall dead on the spot, no, she wanted to stab them to death herself, cut up their bodies and feed them to the dogs!

However, no matter how angry she was internally, Tianxin had to keep a friendly smile plastered on her face.

Or else she would be looked down upon for being petty.

Nonetheless, no matter how gracious her fake smile was, the reality was she lost. The fact that she had to pretend she wasn't one bit bothered only made it worse.

Behind her ever-ready smiles, her body was practically shaking with fury.

No one cared about her emotions.

Especially not Xinghe, she was still focused on Lin Lin's wish.

Wish mommy stay together forever

He wishes to stay together forever with his mommy?

The desperation of a mother twisted the child's words in Xinghe's mind. She incorrectly thought Lin Lin wanted to stay with her forever.

It didn't even cross her mind that what Lin Lin really wanted was for her and Mubai to remarry.

It made her more determined to make herself stronger, to gain more leverage in the fight for child custody.

She needed to be able to stand head to head with Xi Empire before she would prepare for the custody battle.

Xinghe's conviction was further kindled by a misunderstanding of her son's birthday wish.

She lifted her head unceremoniously with a smile and the first thing that came into her eyes was Xia Wushuang who had been staring daggers at her!