Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 691

Chapter 691 Blood Relatives
Chapter 691: Blood Relatives
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So, all along, he had been talking about himself. Florets of sweetness and bliss blossomed within her. She was not an emotional person; she was averse to showing her real emotions, but Mubai's occasional confessions would always get her heart moving.

She had admitted he did know the way to her heart. His attempt at romance would always stop before she got uncomfortable. It was passionate yet not pressuring. In this relationship, Mubai had done wonderfully, but Xinghe realized that relationships were give-and-take. She shouldn't expect Mubai to contribute everything. She should respond in kind.

However, she was still couldn't bring herself to say the types of lovey-dovey words, so she added gently, "I understand, actually I wish to return as early as possible myself."

As someone who knew her well, Mubai understood the words that she didn't say. She missed him too. He didn't wish for flowery words because the fact that she had him in her thoughts was more than enough for him.

Mubai said in a satisfied and happy tone, "Okay, I will wait for you, take care of yourself over there."

"Okay, then I'll hang up now, don't stay up too late."

"Good night," Mubai said lovingly. After Xinghe hung up, he put the phone down with a broad smile on his face. Xinghe on the other end, was also smiling.

However, her thoughts immediately went to the DNA test. What if Mom really is the second Shen Miss?

Even someone as ingenious as her couldn't answer that confidently.

Xinghe and the rest went to DNA lab to conduct the test the next day. Xinghe chose the fastest test, one that could have the result in just hours. They stayed at the lab to wait for the result.

While they were waiting, He Lan Qi called Xinghe to enquire about her location and invite her to lunch but Xinghe rejected him. This He Lan Qi was only using helping her as pretense to lead her progress astray. Xinghe had seen through his ploy so she was extra guarded around him.

After she hung up on He Lan Qi, Xinghe received a call from Ee Chen.

"Miss Xia, where are you? I need you, can you come out now?" Ee Chen said directly.

Xinghe was curious. "Is this really important? I'm in the middle of something I can't extricate myself from easily."

"I'm sorry for interrupting then, my thing can wait, why don't you call me when you're done with yours?"

"Okay," Xinghe promised before she hung up. She had no idea why Ee Chen need her, but she really couldn't leave at that moment. She had to wait for the result and see it for herself. So subconsciously, she was worried and anxious about this.

Ali's group was more pronounced with their interest.

Finally, several hours later, the result was out!

The doctor walked towards Xinghe with the test result in his hand. For some reason, Xinghe felt she could tell the result when their eyes met.

As she expected, the doctor stopped before her and said, "Congratulations, the two samples are blood relatives, grandparent and grandchild relationship to be precise."