Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Chaos In The He Lan Family
Chapter 697: Chaos in the He Lan Family
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Overnight, Angel Orphanage's crime was exposed to the world. There was a palpable rage when people saw the child being sealed in the crate and tossed into the van.

Very quickly, a large group of police and media mobilized. Charity groups also joined in to intercept that van, they wanted to save the child. Of course, the He Lan family received the news at the first notice as well. They were shocked, they had no idea how their secret was leaked. He Lan Qi immediately called someone to have this handled.

When the van driver knew he had been exposed, he was shot with fear. He tried to turn around and run but the police were already tracking his movement; no matter where he tried to run, the police would be tailing him. Combined with the roadblocks, the van driver was like a caught fly.

Even He Lan Chang's influence couldn't suppress this anymore. No one dared to come to his aid. Everyone knew about Angel Orphanage's problem after the video was leaked. The police didn't dare to openly shelter the He Lan family anymore, after all, the whole country was following this story closely!

Unless they had a death wish, no one dared to get themselves involved. Therefore, the He Lan family could only stand helplessly as the car was pulled over, the passengers in it were detained, and the child in the back of the car was discovered. The fact that a child was sealed into a crate to be taken away was too suspicious, so no matter what excuse the He Lan family came up with, it was no use.

Just like the Xi family in Hwa Xia, the taller one stood, the greater the number of people that wanted you to fall. Therefore, when something like this that threatened the He Lan family's position happened, many hidden enemies of theirs surfaced!

In just one night, news about the He Lan family appeared like mushrooms after a spring rain. Multiple media outlets were reporting on them, and the internet was abuzz with discussion on this mysterious family.

The mysterious veil that had protected the He Lan family for decades was rudely taken away, and they were thus exposed to the world. Many knew of the existence of the He Lan family because of this.

They were shoved directly into the public eye, and from then on, every one of their movements would be under public scrutiny. They couldn't maintain a low profile anymore, and they had to be extra careful to not let their weaknesses be exposed or it would be over for them.

Chaos swept through the He Lan family like a tornado, and this was exactly what Xinghe wanted.

Witnessing this, Ee Chen was overjoyed. "Miss Xia, your idea is brilliant, let's see how He Lan Chang handles this catastrophe!"

"It's best if the police throw all of them in jail; they don't deserve to live among the decent public!" Ali hissed through gritted teeth.

"Xinghe, let's find a way to destroy them!" Sam and the guys were equally incensed. This was because they realized the girl from last night was not dead. In other words, the He Lan family planned to burn a little girl that was still alive!

The girl was paralyzed but she was still alive. They planned to cremate her alive, so how could that not anger anyone that had a heart?

When they saw the news that morning, Xinghe's group was at their anger limit. Earlier, they thought the child in the crate was already dead, but in reality, she was still alive.