Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 70

Chapter 70 The Only Man In My Eyes
Chapter 70: The Only Man in My Eyes

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Wushuang didn't look away, instead stared her down. Xinghe could see the gears in the other woman's head turning, cooking up schemes that would be detrimental to her.

Xinghe gave her an uncharacteristically condescending side-glance.

Wushuang could feel her blood boil instantly!

Xia Xinghe, what are you so haughty about? I can order your death right this moment if I wanted to!

Even though Xinghe came to the party dressed in a killer outfit, Wushuang wasn't at all fazed because she knew there was a loser languishing underneath that beautiful shell.

She was confident she could take down Xinghe with a flick of her finger.

Like Wu Rong, Wushuang had gotten used to the life of ease where everyone was ready to do her bidding and life was smooth sailing.

She was thus understandably annoyed by Xinghe's condescension.

Therefore, it was only logical that she had to find ways to balance her internal annoyance!

Xinghe was actually waiting for the other woman to make her first move.

To be frank, she would have balked if Wushuang wasn't up to something. So, Wushuang, you'd better not disappoint

After the candles were out and Lin Lin sliced the cake, the celebration officially began.

Mubai gave a short speech before asking everyone to return to their seat to enjoy the food.

They were finally not the center of attention.

Almost instantly, Old Mrs. Xi's smile turned into a frown as she stared at Xinghe.

She didn't want to cause a scene previously because it would have reflected badly on the Xi Family, but now that everyone's focus had shifted away from the host, she could finally speak her mind.

"Xia Xinghe, I don't disagree to you attending my grandson's birthday party but what is your intention making such a high-profile entrance?" Old Mrs. Xi accused sternly. Everyone at the table, Mubai included, was caught by surprise.

Everyone but Tianxin that is, she knew Old Mrs. Xi would eventually come for Xinghe.

Xinghe though appeared to be the other exception. She looked at Old Mrs. Xi mildly, her countenance placid.

This was how she was when she was still married to Mubai. Clueless and tepid in her ways, it was this attitude that ruffled Old Mrs. Xi's feathers then.

It gave Old Mrs. Xi the impression that she would never live up to the Xi family name. Everything Xinghe did was only a half effort, she felt Xinghe would never amount to anything so she'd disliked Xinghe ever since and that hadn't changed.

Even now, when she came to her own son's birthday party, she didn't say a word to anyone, just allowing herself to be talked about and pointed at by everyone else.

Xinghe replied softly, "I'm not sure I understand what Mrs. Xi means by that."

There is always that unspeakable tension between women.

Even though Xinghe didn't say anything overtly offensive, in fact, she was being perfectly respectful, Old Mrs. Xi's blood pressure shot sky high.

"You don't understand?" She questioned with a jeer, "Don't think I can't see through your little game, you're here to intervene in Mubai's upcoming marriage. Let me get one thing straight, Mubai and Tianxin are getting married soon so don't get any ideas. You are no longer a part of the Xi Family and never will be one again, so you better behave yourself. Keep a lid on that enchantress act of yours!"

Turned out Old Mrs. Xi thought Xinghe's entire get up was to seduce Mubai.

Xinghe almost scoffed out loud.

She really had no interest in pursuing yesterday's news.

Xinghe shot Mubai an uninterested look as if telling him, 'please don't fall for me, I don't have time for the likes of you.'

Mubai caught her gaze and his own sunk with wrath.

This woman is looking down on me

She thinks she's too good for me?

Mubai felt slighted for some reason.

What Xinghe said next deflected Old Mrs. Xi's accusation.

"Mrs. Xi, you're sadly mistaken. To be honest, there is only one man in this place that attracts my eyes, and he is my son."