Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 722

Chapter 722 Undeserving
Chapter 722: Undeserving
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But these two, they wouldn't hesitate to bite you if it benefited them in any way. They were probably born without a conscience, proving once and for all that it was indeed the Lin family's blood that was flowing through their veins. The more he thought about it, the more distressed he become. Shen Ru's and Tong Yan's weeping was giving him a mounting headache.

He stood up suddenly to announce, "Fine, do it your way! Since you hate me that much, then so be it. I, Shen Houde, have never done anything that is harmful towards the both of you, but there is no way I can still treat you two like family when my own daughter is still out there suffering. It has nothing to do with anyone if I decided to cut my ties from the both of you, but if you insist that it is for the sake of anyone, that person is my estranged biological daughter! Now, you should understand this is the end of our relationship, look after yourselves in the future. I will consider the Shen family unlucky for having raised the two of you ingratiates. So, hate me if you want, but stop coming to bother us from now one!"

Elder Shen turned to leave. Tong Yan called out as if physically assaulted, "Grandfather, how you can be so cruel towards us I thought I was still in your heart, we are still Shens, I really didn't expect that you would have such a heartless side to you. Grandfather, how can you turn on your own family like this"

"Grandfather Shen, you have indeed crossed the line!" It was time to Chui Ying to enter the stage. She went to Tong Yan's side and pointed angrily at Elder Shen. "Grandfather Shen, I've always respected you as my elder, but your actions today have greatly disappointed me. Auntie Ru and Little Yan are both your family, even if they are not your biological kin, how can you abandon them just like that? Do you know how despicable your actions are?"

"Despicable" Before Elder Shen could respond, Xinghe's eyes went as cold as winter. She glared at Chui Ying and demanded, "So, you think it is required for us to pretend that nothing has ever happened and continue to pamper them They have the Lin family's precious bloodline; our Shen family has given them everything they're worth and more. Enough is enough. I agree that one's birth cannot be controlled, and we shouldn't fault the children for the sins of the earlier generation, but it also depends on the children themselves whether they deserve to be forgiven or not. Based on everything that happened up until this moment, I will gladly tell you that these two don't deserve the Shen family's love and support anymore. If Shen Ru and Tong Yan know what is good for them, they should have made themselves scarce. However, they still have the audacity to lay claim to things that don't belong to them, such insolence."

"You're the one being insolent!" Chui Ying was easily provoked by Xinghe. "Who are you to stick your grubby hands into Shen family's business? Auntie Ru and Little Yan are the real Shens, the fact that you have stolen everything away from them aside, you even used tricks to make grandfather Shen distance himself from them. A vicious sl*t like yourself should know what is good for you and get lost!"

"You said I have no right to meddle in Shen family's business?" Xinghe laughed coldly. She pointed at Shen Ru and Tong Yan and asked chillingly, "Then, don't tell me they have the right"

"Of course they do, they are raised by the Shen family!" Chui Ying answered factually.

Xinghe scoffed with condescension, "And that is truly eight lifetimes of bad luck for the Shen family to have raised their nemesis' descendants and then still have them stubbornly latch onto the family; I've never seen such shameless people before."