Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Expose Them
Chapter 725: Expose Them
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"You" Elder Shen was speechless from sheer anger.

Chui Ying had been attacking him from the role of the victim, so almost everyone was on their side. No matter how unreasonable Chui Ying's demand was, they feel it was justified. If anything, they felt the Shen family was being unreasonable. They all felt Elder Shen shouldn't have treated Shen Ru and Tong Yan so unfairly. His preferential treatment did rub many the wrong way.

This was Chui Ying's plan all along. They managed to take revenge against Xinghe and Elder Shen while having the support of the crowd. Elder Shen wanted to explain himself, but he couldn't.

Witnessing his frustration and anger made Shen Ru and Tong Yan felt great within. At the same time, their resentment against him deepened. How could he be so cruel to cut ties from them but be so unwilling to do the same to Xia Xinghe?

This preferential treatment made Shen Ru and Tong Yan grit their teeth in anger.

Shen Ru immediately asked pointedly, "Father, you are so unwilling to let Xia Xinghe go, is it because there is really something salacious between the both of you?"

"What nonsense are you talking about" Elder Shen roared with anger before he felt like fainting from high blood pressure.

Shen Ru ignored him and continued yelling, in fact, she wished this old geezer would die on the spot, "If not, why wouldn't you agree to Ying Ying's request? From how I see it, the two of you"

Before Shen Ru could finish, she felt a slap on her face. Shen Ru was stunned by this sudden slap. She widened her eyes in shock and the room was equally shocked.

It was Xinghe who slapped her

"You, you dare to attack me?" Shen Ru asked in disbelief, the anger burning in her eyes was strong enough to engulf the whole world.

"Xia Xinghe, you b*tch, how dare you raise your hand against my mother? I will never forgive you!" Tong Yan rushed towards him in anger, ready to return to Xinghe the slap. Ali stepped forth quickly to shove her back. Even Mubai stood guard in front of Xinghe, not giving anyone the chance to hurt her.

Chui Ying yelled resentfully, "Xia woman, how can you physically assault people? You are indeed one lawless, barbaric woman!"

"Those with a dirty mouth deserve to be slapped." Xinghe glared at them sharply and exposed their intention without reservations. "The bunch of you not only have dirty mouths but also dirty hearts. From the very beginning, you've been planning for this moment, to take revenge against me and simultaneously drag the Shen family into the mud. Others might not be able to understand the tricks you're playing but it is as clear as day in my eyes. All your sadness and melancholy were all acting to garner sympathy so that it would rationalize your revenge against us, am I right?"

Chui Ying's group was aghast. She is right about everything.

Xinghe's words also helped Elder Shen calm down because it now seemed like everything was still in his step granddaughter's control.

"Preposterous! It is because you people are being too unreasonable and unfair towards Auntie Ru and Little Yan that I had to come up with such a request!" Chui Ying retorted righteously. "It is because you've seduced Grandfather Shen to make him treat them so badly that I have to step in! And someone like you should be taught a lesson and you deserve to be kicked out of the Shen family because you have no right to the things that naturally belong to Auntie Ru and Little Yan!"

"I have no right?" Xinghe scoffed, "If I had no right, do you think I would care whether they stay in Shen family or not? If I had no right, do you think I would have grandfather distance himself from them? I will tell you now, I, Xia Xinghe have every right to stay and to demand that they get out of the Shen family!"

Chui Ying laughed in Xinghe's face. "You are truly one shameless woman. You have the right? Fine, tell me then, what gives you this right to be so shameless?"