Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Xia Xinghe Is A Murderer
Chapter 73: Xia Xinghe is a Murderer!

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Wushuang enunciated through gnashed teeth, "It doesn't matter who I am because you are no better than me! What basis did daddy have to give you the best of everything? Why? How is that fair"

"That's simple, because I'm his real daughter." Xinghe replied matter-of-factly. It highlighted how unreasonable Wushuang was acting.

"That is why I hate you!" Wushuang's eyes were burning with rancor, they flashed crazily as she said, "No worries, I have a plan ready to destroy you. Can you tell what it is?"

Compared to her, Xinghe was as graceful as ever.

"I do not, but do tell."

Wushuang suddenly moved in for an embrace.

However, in mid-movement, she stopped, hugged her stomach and wailed grievously, "Sis, please don't get mad at me. It's all my fault, sis, please forgive me"

Before Wushuang would finish her sentence, she screamed and collapsed to the floor as if kicked by a violent force.

She held onto her stomach with a tortured expression and howled in a fit of panic, "My stomach, someone, please help me, my stomach, it's very painful"

Thanks to her, a lot of guests were looking their way.

Based on the show and tell, they thought Xinghe had shoved Wushuang to floor and they were shell-shocked.

Wushuang's high-pitched wailings gathered more attention and eventually the whole ballroom was watching the skit go down.

Of course, they didn't know it was a skit, they stared wide-eyed with horror at what they thought Xinghe had done.

After all, Wushuang's acting was way too convincing

Wushuang's wailing also attracted her husband's attention.

As if hearing his cue, Chui Ming bolted over in a flash.

He knelt down beside his wife and asked worriedly, "Wushuang, what happened to you? Who did this?"

Who did this?

There was no one else standing near her beside Xia Xinghe.

Wushuang snuck a glance at Xinghe before clutching her husband's arm, speaking in a hurried, flustered manner, "Honey, I'm sure Sis didn't mean it. We can worry about that later, I'm more concerned about our child"


Everyone in hearing range was spooked. If Xinghe had hurt Wushuang's baby fetus in any way, she could be arrested for child destruction.

After all, it had the potential to be a life.

Xinghe could be jailed if convicted.

Chui Ming's expression changed expectedly. He glared at Xinghe viciously, his voice dripping with malice as he said, "You pushed my wife because you want to kill my child?"

"Honey, I told you Sis didn't mean it. It was an accident" Wushuang begged her husband on Xinghe's behalf.

"Wushuang, you don't need to defend her. She has been bullying you ever since you're a kid and now because she knew you're pregnant, she made you miscarry because she can't bear to see you have something good in your life. Such an evil b*tch! Someone call the police! I demand justice be swift on this heartless woman!" Chui Ming cursed.

"Honey" Wushuang tried to plead some more but was interrupted by Chui Ming, "Darling, I love that you're a benevolent woman who believes in people's kindness but she has attempted on our child's life, isn't that enough to tell you about her true nature?"

Wushuang went silent immediately and looked away with disappointment.

It was as if she suddenly saw the ugly truth about Xinghe and was incapable of defending her anymore

Her performance drew everyone in and they couldn't help but empathize with her.

Thus, the earlier admiration they had for Xinghe turned into angry indignation.