Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Remember This Threat
Chapter 730: Remember This Threat
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Xinghe asked with a clear voice, "If you didn't promise that they could use the favor owed by the Shen family to force them to disown me, would they have dared to openly challenge the Shen family like this? Am I wrong"

Chui Ying's face was one of surprise. How did she find out?

Everyone else was equally shocked, they felt Xinghe's argument was logical. Indeed, this possibly was all Chui Ying's ploy.

Elder Shen glared at her and demanded vehemently, "What is your purpose for doing this? Why are you coming after us like this?"

"I am not!" Chui Ying countered with indignation. "I have no reason to make an enemy out of you, the only reason I helped Little Yan is because I cannot stomach the way you people bullied her. Is it a sin now to help your friend? I did nothing wrong, so don't try to pin this on me!"

"Even so, it doesn't excuse your actions," Xinghe derided her. "Miss Chui, you came from a good family background, so don't tell me you were unable to see through Tong Yan's acting. But I am warning you now, if you dare to come after us as their friend, then don't fault us when we come after you."

"Are you threatening me?" Chui Ying widened her eyes in shock. No one dared to openly humiliate and threaten her like this before. However, Xinghe had done all those things to her that day.

Xinghe didn't show any sign of slowing down. She raised her brow and said, "That's right, I am threatening you, and you'd better take it to heart."

"You" Chui Ying clenched her fists in anger. At that moment, Xinghe became the sole recipient of her hatred. No one could live after humiliating and threatening her thusly!

She swore to take swift revenge on Xinghe!

Naturally, Xinghe saw the hatred burning in her eyes, but she wasn't afraid of it, in fact, she was satisfied. If she didn't anger Chui Ying, how else was she going to get the leverage she needed?

She was the opening for Xinghe to hit at the He Lan family. Since the He Lan family had dealings with the Chui family, then she had to take care of the Chui family as well. In essence, Xinghe would mow down whomever dared stand in her way!

Xinghe had never claimed that she was a saint; she wouldn't hesitate to make use of others to achieve her goal. However, Chui Ying wasn't an innocent party either. Since she chose to put herself on the opposing side from Xinghe, then she couldn't fault Xinghe for the disasters that would continue to come her way.

In this world, victories are for the strongest, the capable, the winners!

Therefore, from that moment on, it depended on their own effort to fight for the winning seat. However, Xinghe prayed that her opponent wouldn't be too weak, or else she would be easily bored.

Xinghe glanced at Chui Ying one last time but she didn't say anything. She took Elder Shen's hand and said, "Grandfather, let's go."

There was no need for them to stay at the party anymore. She wasn't going to waste any more time on Tong Yan and Shen Ru.

Elder Shen noticed how much closer she had gotten to him and he laughed joyfully. "Okay, let's go!"

He didn't want to stay at that godforsaken party anymore anyway. Mubai supported Elder Shen on the other side and they shuffled out of the party.

Chui Ying's hatred-filled eyes bore holes on Xinghe's back and she promised herself she would teach the b*tch a lesson when the time came!

After Xinghe's group left, they departed towards the Shen family's house.

In the car, Elder Shen started bombarding Xinghe with questions.