Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Model Out Her Looks
Chapter 732: Model Out Her Looks
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"And both of you complement each other so nicely. I am really happy that such good things can still happen to me in my twilight years. This is really nice"

Elder Shen started to get teary-eyed again, but these were tears of joy. Earlier, he was envious that Elder Xi had such wonderful progeny. He really didn't expect he would be so lucky as well.

He was thankful that he had found Xinghe and, by extension, Mubai. That day was probably the happiest he had been in a long time.

The only regret was not finding his daughter but getting Xinghe was more than enough. In the car, Elder Shen called his wife and eldest daughter to share the good news.

When she received the news, Madam President immediately rushed to the family house. Regarding the fact that Xinghe was a Shen, they were surprised and shocked. However, the DNA test wouldn't lie.

Furthermore, Madam President had a good impression of Xinghe or else she wouldn't have accepted her as her stepdaughter. Now, that wouldn't be necessary anymore because she was her biological niece!

"How can things be so coincidental? It's hard not to believe that everything has already been predestined."

Madam President looked at Xinghe and sighed with disbelief.

Old Madam Shen also lamented, "You're right, it has to be predestined. Our ancestors must be watching over us or else we wouldn't have found them in this life."

Madam President grabbed hold of Xinghe's hand and said kindly, "Xinghe, no wonder I've always felt so close to you, like family, turns out you are my sister's daughter. Then you shouldn't call me stepmom anymore, call me Auntie Yu."

Xinghe answered obediently, "Auntie Yu."

"Good! What a fine child!" Madam President was so excited; she had tears in her eyes. Even Old Madam Shen couldn't help but tear up as well. They were glad that the Shen family's future was finally secure.

Compared to Tong Yan, Xinghe was a million times better. Perhaps blood was indeed thicker than water, they accepted Xinghe into their fold easily. They lavished their love and attention on her.

Xinghe understood their feelings. Even though she wasn't used to being in the spotlight, she cooperated quietly.

After more cooing, the topic finally turned to someplace else.

Old Madam Shen suddenly asked with anticipation, "Do you have any pictures of your mother? I wish to take a look at her."

"That's right, do you have any pictures of her?" Elder Shen chimed in.

Xinghe shook her head. "Unfortunately, I don't because she never left behind any picture of her, but I can model her looks for you."

"Model her look?" Madam President was startled.

Xinghe nodded. "That's right, but I need a computer."

"Get the young miss a computer immediately!" Elder Shen ordered, and a maid quickly brought in a laptop.

Xinghe switched open the laptop and started working.

Elder Shen and the rest saw the masterful way she operated the computer and were appropriately impressed. Even though they knew beforehand that she was talented with a computer, witnessing it for themselves was still quite shocking.

Xinghe didn't disappoint them. In matter of minutes, she managed to model out the 3D image of a woman.