Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Grim News
Chapter 733: Grim News
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Elder Shen was thrilled when he saw the 3D model.

"That is my daughter, there she is!" Elder Shen pointed at the model and exclaimed agitatedly. Xinghe was confused, how could he be so sure?

Madam President answered her confusion with a smile. "Xinghe, your mother looks the exact same as my aunt."

"It is like they are the same person!" Old Madam Shen was equally excited.

Elder Shen laughed happily. "No wonder they say the niece takes after her aunt. There is nothing else for me to suspect now that I've seen your mother's appearance. It is true, your mother has to be a Shen!"

Similarly, Madam President and Old Madam Shen accepted this news readily. This was because Xinghe's mother really did look similar to Elder Shen's sister when she was young. This resolved one of the things Xinghe was confused about because her mother really didn't look like anyone from the Shen family that she knew. As it turned out, her mother took after her aunt.

"Can you print this out for me?" Old Madam Shen asked in a tone that was akin to begging. They didn't have any pictures of Xinghe's mother. However, Xinghe rejected this seemingly small request.

"Not now because it might cause her physical danger," she explained softly.

Elder Shen was shocked. "Why?"

Xinghe looked at them and came to a decision in her heart. She decided to tell them everything she knew about Project Galaxy!

At the same time, Chui Ying was on the phone with He Lan Qi.

"Qi, the plan has failed. You wanted me to ruin the Shen family and cause their name to turn sour, but the plan has failed," Chui Ying reported to him in a disappointed voice.

He Lan Qi didn't show any sign of anger. His tone was still as understanding as ever, but there was a barely discernible drop in the temperature when he spoke to her. "Why did it fail?"

Chui Ying led him through the situation. "Initially I planned to use Shen Ru's and Tong Yan's feud with that Xia Xinghe to ruin the Shen family's name and make that Old Man Shen lose his reputation, but the girl turned out to be his biological granddaughter, so that completely undermined my plan."

"What did you say?" He Lan Qi's tone immediately went cold. "Xia Xinghe is that old geezer's biological granddaughter?"

"That's right. She even came with the DNA report, so it doesn't look like a lie."

"Who is her mother then? Hwa Xia's Madam President?" He Lan asked with uncertainty.

Chui Ying laughed for a tiny bit. "How is that possible? Naturally she is the daughter of Old Man Shen's other daughter."

This news managed to stun He Lan Qi. Xia Xinghe is The second Shen miss's daughter, how is that possible No one from that orphanage should even appear in this world, so how could one of them give birth to a daughter?

This was an absolutely grim piece of news for He Lan Qi.

He ordered seriously, "From now on, follow Xia Xinghe's every move closely, remember to report to me daily."

"Okay, I understand. But when can I go back? I've missed you so dearly," Chui Ying couldn't help but asked for a little more attention.

He Lan Qi laughed charmingly. "In a few days, after I've settled everything here, you can come back."

"Okay, but why are you suddenly so interested in the Shen family's dealings?" Chui Ying asked.

"That is a secret that I cannot reveal to you yet."

"I understand. Do understand that I will follow your command to a tee because I've fallen helplessly in love with you" Chui Ying confessed sweetly over the phone, but He Lan Qi was no longer listening.