Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Exposed
Chapter 734: Exposed
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After He Lan Qi hung up the phone, his gaze turned icy. He didn't think his desire to create chaos among the Shen family to take their attention away from their search at Country R would lead to the discovery of such a huge secret. Xia Xinghe was the second Shen Miss's daughter. No wonder she left without saying goodbye, she must have discovered the truth.

But how was that related to her becoming part of the Shen family?

Furthermore, there was the mystery of her name, Xinghe

He Lan Qi felt for certain there must be something else that he didn't know which had happened. Perhaps their secret had been exposed!

He Lan Qi quickly went to consult his father. He Lan Chang was equally surprised when he was told.

"Father, the news must have leaked somehow. I suspect someone escaped from the orphanage many years ago," He Lan Qi said with a serious expression.

He Lan Chang's face was dark. "You are right, someone must have escaped. We have no way of telling how many, but it is certain that the girl from the Shen family was one of them. However, this is weird, because until now, there has been no report that any one of them are missing."

"Perhaps they returned after they escaped," He Lan Qi guessed.

He Lan Chang nodded. "There is such a possibility. Get me Ah Bin, I have something for him to do."

"Yes, Father." He Lan Qi nodded but there was a flash of condescension in his eyes. Soon, this man by the name of Ah Bin arrived. He was physically large but there was no visible trace of emotion on his face. There was no soul in his eyes. If one looked closer, one might notice his resemblance to the He Lan Chang.

When he saw him, the condescension reappeared in the depths of He Lan Qi's eyes. Ah Bin ignored him and said to He Lan Chang respectfully, "You're looking for me?"

He Lan Chang looked at him and ordered, "I have a mission for you. Go to Hwa Xia's City A immediately to investigate this woman by the name of Xia Xinghe, pay special attention to her mother. I want to know everything about them, the more detailed the better. Remember, do not let anyone notice you, and this mission mustn't fail, understand?"

"Yes, sir." Ah Bin nodded.

He Lan Chang waved him away and there was no trace of warmth in his eyes. "Depart now."

"Yes, sir." Ah Bin was like a soldier who only knew how to follow orders.

The moment he left, He Lan Qi grumbled with dissatisfaction, "Father, we have so many people, why did you send him?"

He Lan Chang explained, "I can only trust him now, considering the severity of the situation."

"But is he really trustworthy?" He Lan Qi laughed coolly. "I feel he might be the most untrustworthy."

"He is my son so no matter what, he will not betray us so easily," He Lan Chang said confidently.

He Lan Qi scoffed, "But we have never treated him like he is part of the family, what if he chooses to betray us this time?"

A bloodlust appeared in He Lan Chang's eyes. "If he dares to betray us then we kill him!"

There was no trace of sadness or unwillingness in his declaration. Other than He Lan Qi, everyone was one of his disposable tools. Even if the person was his own son, he wouldn't hesitate to remove the possible threat.

He Lan Qi was satisfied with his father's answer. At the same time, a plan hatched in his mind, perhaps he could make use of this opportunity to eliminate this bastard child!