Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Took The Bait
Chapter 735: Took the Bait
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He Lan Qi's icy smirk deepened, but no one realized the emotion that flashed only temporarily. After sending Ah Bin away, He Lan Chang continued his investigation into who was it that had escaped so many years ago.

He had no idea who the Shen family's second daughter was or what she looked like, so he could only start by investigating Xinghe. However, his research turned up nothing; there was literally no information on Xinghe's mother.

Therefore, it was impossible to uncover the woman's identity in a short period of time. However, it would be a matter of time until the Shen family's second daughter was known. After all, they had Elder Shen's DNA sample and the database from their orphanage that they told the world had been destroyed.

While the He Lan family was busy looking for Xinghe's mother, Xinghe was figuring out ways to take down the He Lan family. She had told the Shen family everything. After they heard about Project Galaxy, they were appropriately shocked. Finally, they decided to relay this news to the president because of the severity of the incident.

Of course, when the president knew, he too was shocked. Even though they had no idea what Project Galaxy was, from all the gathered information, it was a mysterious plan that could quite possibly endanger the lives of the entire planet. For the sake of everyone, the president stated his intention to cooperate fully with Xinghe's investigation. However, their main target was the He Lan family in Country R, if the president intervened, it could cause a real international crisis. That being the case, they had to rely on Xinghe, because Xinghe at least had some ways to investigate the He Lan family.

Her plan was simple, she was going to wait for the He Lan family to take action. Her birth origin had been announced, she believed the He Lan family must have been informed. They would not sit idle after getting the news.

Therefore, all she had to do was wait, wait for them to appear and wait for the opportunity to strike. To give them the opening they wanted, Xinghe spent all her day outside just wandering about.

It was only her and Ali. Ali drove her all over the city while Xinghe monitored their situation closely inside the car, waiting for their opponents to show themselves. However, they had done this for two straight days and they had found nothing.

"Xinghe, do you think the He Lan family will really send people to follow us?" Ali asked with uncertainty as she turned the steering wheel.

Xinghe, who sat in the back operating her laptop, answered, "They will after they hear about my family origin."

"What if the party they send intends to harm you?" Ali asked with a shred of fear in her voice.

Xinghe smirked. "That also depends on whether they have that capability or not. Turn left at the junction ahead, the fish has taken the bait."

Ali was shocked and immediately looked into the rear-view mirror. There was quite a group of cars behind them, it was hard for her to tell which was the anomalous one.

"Is the person really on our tail?" Ali tried to confirm.

Xinghe stared at the surveillance on her laptop and nodded.

"Then, you have to contact Mr. Xi immediately, we will make this a one-way trip for that person!" Ali said excitedly as she turned the steering wheel, and behind them, she saw a black car doing the same.

The car was inconspicuous and looked like any other car on the road. However, Xinghe had been watching it for a very long time and realized it had been tailing them for as long as her surveillance on it. Her intuition also told her the individual inside this car was suspicious!

Ali slowly drove them to a secluded part of the town and stopped in front of an orphanage. For the past two days, they had been visiting orphanages. They planned to visit all the orphanages in City A, this was part of the bait.