Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Country Rs President
Chapter 743: Country R's President
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However, she could not stand being in the same space as Xinghe. Therefore, she tried her hardest to make life difficult for everyone. One moment she would complain about the food, the next it would be the seat. If they could not satisfy her demands, she would not hesitate to scold the nearest attendant. The flight attendants and chefs on the plane could not stand her anymore, so they all went to seek help from Xinghe and Mubai.

After Ali heard their cries for help, she was incensed, "This woman is really something else, does she really think she is a princess Xinghe, let's just ignore her and pretend she does not exist."

Xinghe smiled thinly. "How can we do that? She is, after all, our honored guest. How about this, since she is not satisfied with any of our service, then save her the trouble of having to suffer any of that? Stay away from her and do not go to anger her, I believe Miss Chui will be happier that way."

Ali understood what Xinghe meant immediately. She ordered the people, "You heard Miss Xia, right? Leave her be to save her the heartburn. I am sure you all know what to do now!"

"Yes." The air attendants and chefs understood perfectly. Xinghe was telling them to ignore Chui Ying. This was perfect because they were done dealing with the b*tch anyway!

For the rest of the flight, no one came to disturb Chui Ying. She asked for water, but no one came, she then asked for food and still there was no reply. No matter what she asked for, no one seemed to hear her.

This made her extremely angry; she tried to scold Xinghe multiple times for this but every time she was stopped at the door by the bodyguards. No matter what kind of tantrum she threw, Xinghe ignored her. She was not afraid of her unique identity.

Chui Ying nursed a stomach of fire on the plane. The first thing she would do after they landed was complain about Xinghe to her president uncle. Xinghe predicted she would do something like that, if anything, that was what she wished Chui Ying would do because she wanted to see how the president would react.

Country R's president, Chui Qian, personally invited them to a banquet. He looked like an easy-going person, but since he had the capability to be the president, there must be something interesting about him hidden behind his warm smile.

During the dinner, he played the role of the host perfectly. He did not say a word about Chui Ying's complaints, he even apologized to Xinghe. "My niece is a bit too young and she has created some trouble during her visit to Hwa Xia. I would like to apologize on her behalf."

Xinghe smiled lightly. "President Chui is taking this too seriously, we did not take Miss Chui's offense to heart or else we would not have escorted Miss Chui back personally."

Xinghe's words were sharp, since she openly stated Chui Ying's actions as an offense. This could be read as an offense to the president.

However, Chui Qian did not show any sign of anger. He laughed and said, "I can see why Miss Xia is the Shen family's descendent by the way you carry yourself. Also, I heard Miss Xia's mother spent her childhood at one of Country R's orphanage?"

"President Chui heard right. According to our investigation, she was adopted by the He Lan family's orphanage. Earlier, I came to the country to search for her, and the He Lan family's young master, He Lan Qi offered his best help, but the search turned up nothing. This time we returned to Country R to continue the search. We will not give up until we find her," Xinghe looked into his eyes and stated confidently.

Chui Qian's eyes shone slightly, and he looked deeper at Xinghe. "Miss Xia's conviction sure is touching to witness. Do not worry because you will have my full support for your search. I am sure with everyone's cooperation, we will be able to find your mother soon and you will have a complete family."

"Thank you, Mr. President. Also, we escorted another one of your countryman back with us, his name is He Bin."