Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Active Attack
Chapter 745: Active Attack
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Ee Chen suddenly felt so useless. He had conducted such a long investigation in Country R and found nothing. In comparison, Xinghe had managed to come up with so much information in such a short amount of time. He was glad that he asked to be her student.

At the same time, Ee Chan was happy. "Since the Chui family has the intention to go after the He Lan family, does this not mean we can try to reach out to them for cooperation?"

If they had President Chui's support, things could be a lot easier.

Xinghe shook her head. "Not yet, for now I can only be certain that the president thinks that way, but I cannot say the same for the rest of the Chui family."

"In other words, the president might not represent the whole Chui family?" Sam asked.

"That is possible so let's not be too optimistic. In any case, I will continue to investigate. You guys must be tired, you can go and rest now."

"Okay, then we will take our leave, you two had better rest early as well." Ali nodded understandingly. She then ushered the rest of them out of the room, leaving behind only Xinghe and Mubai.

"Do you plan to contact Chui Qian?" Mubai asked Xinghe in a low voice.

He truly knew her well and that was indeed the thought on her mind. She nodded. "Yes, I plan to be active for once to see what his reaction will be. It will be best if he is willing to cooperate with us."

Mubai supported her. "That is not a bad idea, at a time like this, it is better to be the active party. Contact him but do not be too obvious about it."

"I know." Xinghe took out her phone to call the president's secretary. Little did she know that Chui Qian was considering the same thing. The words Xinghe told her during the banquet had been stuck in his head. Chui Qian was brilliant enough to understand what she was hinting at. Is it possible that she has noticed the He Lan family's problems?

Just as Chui Qian was considering this, his secretary knocked politely on his door and opened it to inform him, "Mr. President, there is a call for you. It is from a Miss Xia from Hwa Xia."

Chui Qian was startled. He immediately had his secretary pass him the call. "Hello, Miss Xia?"

"Mr. President, I am sorry to disturb you so late in the night, but I wonder if I can have a few minutes of your time? It is about something important," Xinghe asked in a normal tone.

Chui Qian understood she wanted to discuss something important, so he immediately waved his secretary away. Then, he said seriously, "Miss Xia, please continue."

Xinghe did not play any games with him and came straight out with it. "Mr. President, we have come across some problems in the search for my mother and it has to do with the He Lan family. I am just wondering what your thoughts on this particular family are."

"There are not many thoughts on them, however, every large family has a side that is hidden away from the public," Chui Qian replied in a vague manner, but his answer still hinted at something.

Xinghe picked up the stuff that was left unsaid. She then continued, "If you are also unsatisfied with them, we can offer a chance at a cooperation. Of course, the terms of cooperation are completely up to you. Do not worry, because unlike a certain party, we are reliable partners."

Chui Qian was really shocked this time!

They had found out the issue with the He Lan family and knew they were in his crosshairs, but how did they find out

Chui Qian narrowed his eyes. "Miss Xia seems to know me very well."

"Mr. President, it is not as well as you think. We heard something and got suspicious and wanted to find out more," Xinghe said calmly, not bringing up the fact that she had already hacked into the intelligence agency.

However, Chui Qian was still guarded. "Are you not afraid your suspicion is wrong?"