Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Her Biggest Bet
Chapter 746: Her Biggest Bet
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"Since we have no other choices, why not take a giant bet? Of course, if our suspicion is wrong, then we are willing to face the consequences," Xinghe said spiritedly and won the president over.

If Chui Qian did not have confidence in her before, he was impressed by her then. This was because not one woman dared to be so openly confident in front of him. The way she carried herself was enough to make anyone impressed.

"Miss Xia truly is one of a kind, but how do you plan to make me believe you? Furthermore, I cannot promise you anything, so how can you even believe me?"

Xinghe laughed weakly. "It is pointless doubting your ally. Furthermore, I have already said, I am not afraid of failure. Regarding whether you can place your trust in us, feel free to keep watch over our actions. You can decide whether to continue with the cooperation or not after some more consideration. Then, I will not disturb your rest anymore, good night."

Xinghe hung up after that. She turned to see a curious expression on Mubai. He seemed like he had something he wanted to say.

"What?" Xinghe asked curiously, "What's on your mind?"

Mubai laughed heartily. "I just want to say you are really brave. Are you not afraid that Chui Qian and the He Lan family are in cahoots and you have just exposed yourself? Are you not afraid that the He Lan family will send some assassins after you?"

Xinghe nodded. "Truth be told, I am afraid."

The man raised his brow. "Then how can you dare to be so direct?"

Xinghe's clear eyes looked at him and said, "How else was I going to get any opportunity if I wasn't so direct? I do not want to wait anymore. Be it failure or success, as long as there is some progress, I will be satisfied because it is by introducing changes into the game in which we will be able to find a new opening and move on."

Mubai pressed on. "What if there is no new opening?"

Xinghe laughed. "How can that be possible? Even if there is no new opening here, as long as I do not lose my life in this country, there are plenty of things I can do after we return to Hwa Xia."

Mubai could not help but laugh along with her. He tousled her hair and patted her lightly. "You are right, we have plenty of retreat routes, so nothing will happen to you, do whatever you like, raise as big a storm as you want."

As long as he was alive, he would not allow anything bad to befall her. Xinghe saw his thoughts but she did not tell him that as long as she was alive, she would not let anything happen to him as well.

Furthermore, she never started a war that she could not win. She dared to be so open and direct because she had prepared a lot. One of her biggest trump cards was He Bin.

However, it was also her biggest risk because He Bin was still a variable she could not control. Xinghe did not have time to slow down, after she contacted Chui Qian, she quickly moved to follow up on He Bin.

After they arrived at the airport, He Bin was taken away by Country R's law enforcement. However, after some digging, she realized he was mysteriously released and was escorted away by a mysterious party. Needless to say, this mysterious party was the He Lan family.

The moment He Bin got into the car, the driver asked him in a whisper, "Are you alright?"

"I am fine," He Bin answered softly.

The driver continued, "The old master was worried about you, so he had me come to personally fetch you. He wanted me to tell you to not worry, he will settle everything."

He Bin was surprised; this was the first time he had felt He Lan Chang's concern. He thought his father would never care about him in his life

Instantly, He Bin sighed in relief because he made the right choice. He sided with the He Lan family and did not sell them out.