Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 747

Chapter 747 Chose Honesty
Chapter 747: Chose Honesty
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"Bring me to see the old master now," he said in a low growl. He could not wait to tell his father everything.

"Old Master happens to want to see you, I will take you to him now."

After the driver answered, he started the car. Very soon, He Bin was brought to He Lan Villa

He Lan Chang waited for him in the living room. When he saw him, He Bin started by apologizing. "I am sorry for failing the mission. I have failed your expectation."

This was the first time he had failed his mission, and he failed it so gloriously. He did not have the courage to face his father.

He Lan Chang did not get angry. He nodded and said nicely, "Take a seat first and tell me everything, do not leave out any details."

"Yes." He Bin sat across his father and a maid immediately brought him a glass of his favorite black tea. Every time He Bin returned from his mission and was going through the report with He Lan Chang, his father would have someone prepare him a glass of black tea for He Bin. The fact that there was a glass waiting for him even though he had failed his mission touched He Bin.

That broke down his defenses and he planned to tell his father everything.

"The mission failed because the other party knew from the beginning that we were going to investigate her, so she has set up a defensive parameter waiting for us to take action. Therefore, when I arrived, I was already discovered or else this mission would not have failed so soon," He Bin reported in a pained voice.

He Lan Chang narrowed his eyes. "You mean they knew it was us who sent you to them?"

He Bin nodded after a very short hesitation. "Yes, they seemed to have known everything"

"What is this everything that you talk about?" He Lan Chang's voice dropped for a few degrees, and there was an additional pressure in it.

"They knew that we are investigating her and knew about my identity."

"They knew you are my son?" He Lan Chang asked directly.

He Bin nodded weakly. There was an iciness that flashed in He Lan Chang's eyes, but he continued the questioning calmly. "How did they find out about that?"

After all, there were not many who knew about the fact that he had a bastard son. There was no way of telling that just from observation alone, therefore, it was indeed curious that Xia Xinghe would know that.

He Bin wanted to explain but he suddenly remembered the suspicion surrounding his mother's death that was recorded in the intelligence agency's files. He snuck a look at He Lan Chang and he really wanted to ask whether it was him who killed his mother.

However, he could not bring himself to ask that question. He chose to be honest with his father. "She found that out from the country's intelligence agency. There is a record that I am your son in the agency."

This time it was He Lan Chang who was taken aback. "You said the intelligence agency?"

"Yes, Country R's intelligence agency. I have no idea why there is such a record there, but they have found that out."

He Lan Chang's face immediately darkened. "Could it be that the two country's presidents are cooperating in the dark"

He Bin was shocked because he found this hypothesis believable as well. He was wondering why that Xia Xinghe was so capable, and if Country R's president was feeding her information, then everything made sense. Perhaps the two countries had formed an alliance to take care of them.

He Bin started to get antsy. "Have they really started cooperating? But isn't the Chui family standing on our side?"

"What else did they know?" He Lan Chang did not answer but posed his own question. There was a severity in his eyes.