Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 75

Chapter 75 The Video Wont Lie
Chapter 75: The Video Won't Lie

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"I knew she came with hidden motives when she showed up in that slutty dress today. I just couldn't predict she would be so vicious."

"You're so right, the woman probably thinks she still has the chance to remarry into the Xi Family."

"Sadly, CEO Xi already has a fianc and it's the gorgeous Ms. Chu."

"Exactly, Ms. Chu is so much better and gentler than her"

Tianxin stood in the middle of crowd, her heart burst out in victorious joy.

She fixed Xinghe a death stare, her inner self doing a celebratory split.

The b*tch, where has your previous arrogance gone?

Chui Ming has connections both over and under the table, in other words, he wasn't a simple character. She should consider herself lucky if she survives this ordeal with half her life still intact.

Regardless, her reputation will be completely ruined.

It will be impossible to bounce back from this much less the chance of remarrying into the Xi Family!

So, Xia Xinghe, accept your destiny that you'll always be a third-class citizen, and that I will always be better than you!

Tianxin was incredibly pleased. She only got more excited when she saw the police arrive.

That day was Xi Family's young master's birthday party so other than the usual security, the police were also there to provide extra protection.

When Chui Ming called for the police, the few officers stationed nearby immediately rushed over.

They took less than a minute to reach the ballroom.

"What happened? Who asked for the police?" The first officer who arrived issued with authority.

"Honey, my stomach" Wushuang wailed weakly.

Chui Ming leveled a threatening gaze at Xinghe, saying, "It was me who called the police! This woman here intends to harm my wife and the baby she's carrying. I demand you have her cuffed this moment and I want a satisfactory resolution from the police!"

The policemen looked at Xinghe and asked severely, "Miss, is what Mr. Chui saying true?"

Xinghe looked at them listlessly, her voice as cold as frost, "If his wife is truly in pain, he should have called for emergency rescue and not the police."

"My men have of course called for an ambulance. Xia Xinghe, you better pray that my wife is uninjured or I will have your head!" Chui Ming warned grimly. The wrath in his eyes was strong enough to give the police pause.

Xinghe's expression didn't even twitch, it was as if she didn't give a flying f*ck about Chui Ming's warning.

"Chui Ming, if this was entirely just a show put on by your wife to frame me, how do you intend to compensate me?"

Wushuang said with quivering lips, "Sis, but I didn't"

"You b*tch, how dare you accuse my wife" Chui Ming was at the height of his rage, he ordered the policemen sternly, "What are you people doing just standing there? Arrest her this moment! If you have any suspicion about what really went down, we can check the security tapes, the video won't lie!"

The security video indeed won't lie.

However, the footage would only have video but no sound.

According to footage, it would look as if Xinghe had given Wushuang a hard shove when the latter came in for a hug.

Xinghe found herself in an indefensible position.

Afraid of being clocked by Chui Ming who could make or break their career, the police officers ordered Xinghe, "Miss, please follow us obediently to the precinct or we will have to do this the hard way!"

"And what kind of way would that be?" Xinghe gave an icy retort.

She was openly challenging the police's authority!

The leading officer gave his signal and ordered, "Detain the woman!"