Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 76

Chapter 76 How Will She Prove Her Innocence
Chapter 76: How Will She Prove Her Innocence?

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"Halt," said a gruff voice when the two officers moved onto Xinghe.

The physically impressive Mubai moved over steadily, his expression serious. Spotting him, the police froze.

The leading officer enquired politely, "Mr. Xi, how can we help you?"

Mubai gave Xinghe a quick once-over. He saw only ease in her eyes. He said, "I heard Xia Xinghe said it was the two who framed her. Shouldn't we give her a chance to explain herself?"

"I didn't frame Sis" Wushuang objected agitatedly before patting her husband's arm lightly, "Honey, should we just let it go? I'm sure Big Sis didn't mean to do it on purpose. After all, we are family; let's not put her in such a rough spot."

"No way!" Chui Ming answered vehemently, "She physically assaulted you, I can't just let it be! CEO Xi, it won't do even if you intercede on her behalf, you have to understand that the woman intentionally harmed my wife and child."

"Such an Oscar-worthy performance," Xinghe commented with a slow clap.

The whole good cop bad cop act, while individually not so great, was paired to perfection.

A perfect pair of bad apples, they were truly meant for each other.

"Xia Xinghe, what did you say" Chui Ming glared at her, "You still dare to mock us at a time like this!"

Xinghe didn't have the stomach to watch them continue the acting anymore, she had what she needed.

"I complimented you two on your acting and you consider that mocking? I guess the truth really does hurt."

"Sis, but I'm really not, how could you accuse me of something I'm not doing, I'm so disappointed in you!" Wushuang said helplessly, earning sympathy points.

Xinghe could feel the crowd's wrath charging at her like a wave.

Wushuang had tried her best to forgive Xinghe of her sin and ease her out of the sticky situation but not only didn't Xinghe appreciate her but she went after poor little Wushuang? The woman is a stone-cold b*tch!

"I accused you?" Xinghe leveled Wushuang a steely gaze, "Xia Wushuang, there is karma in this world. You know perfectly well what truly happened, I advise you to come out with the truth before things take a turn for the worse."

"Sis, you" Tears of frustration flowed out of Wushuang's eyes. Like a woman devoid of hope, she told Chui Ming softly, "Honey, you're right, I shouldn't have condoned her actions in the past. It's all my fault."

"Darling, don't worry, it's still not too late, and it's definitely not your fault," Chui Ming turned and ordered the police officers with underlying warning, "Do you get paid to stand there like stones? We'll know the truth after we get her to the station!"

"Ms. Xia, please follow us immediately!" The officers took the hint and said harshly.

Xinghe stood still, her mouth opened to say, "If you want me to follow, fine, but first answer me two questions."

"What else do you want to say?" the police were getting impatient but the law did state that Xinghe was innocent until proven guilty so they gave her the chance to speak her mind.

Furthermore, the room was curious to what she wanted to say.

Mubai stood at the side watching her, for some reasons, he felt in his heart Xinghe could settle this herself.

However, it didn't stop him from wondering, how will she prove her innocence?

Xinghe asked with a tone as if this was all but another normal day, "My first question is how serious the criminal charge will be if I'm convicted of intentionally hurting Xia Wushuang?"

"Yours is a crime of willful and malicious injury so one week to three years of incarceration depending on the ruling," the leading officer answered with a condescending harrumph.

In other words, no matter what Xinghe would be jailed.

Once she stepped into the jailhouse, the conviction would follow her for the rest of her life.

Of course, Xinghe wasn't nave enough to think she would get the one week ruling. Chui Ming and Wushuang would try their best to get her locked up for three years!