Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 763

Chapter 763 A Dream
Chapter 763: A Dream
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"It is the creation of one of the members from Project Galaxy. Memory cells can swap the memory of a person, did you not know that?" Xinghe stared at him and asked.

Comprehension dawned then for He Lan Chang. There was a mixture of emotions on his face, there were shock, understanding, and disbelief.

"You have traded away my son's memory" he demanded angrily.

"That's right. Now He Lan Qi's memory has been replaced by He Bin." Xinghe nodded slightly.

The disbelief on He Lan Chang's face deepened. "Impossible, the research on memory cells cannot be a success, this is impossible!"

Even if the research was successful, how would it end up in their hands?

He Lan Chang probed agitatedly, "Exactly how much did you know How much did you know about Project Galaxy"

This time, the tide had turned. He was the one doing the asking. Xinghe studied his reaction and realized he did not know anything about her mother's batch. She answered, "We know quite a bit, memory cells, DNA modification, we know about all that. Why, don't you know about it?"

Indeed, he did not know about them. He Lan Chang felt like he was in a dream. Why would they have more information than he did? And how exactly did they find out about all of this? Furthermore, does this mean that research on memory cells and DNA modification are all successful? The things that he had dreamt of are all stuff of reality?

He Lan Chang said excitedly, "What you're telling me is all real? The research on memory cells is successful, even the research on the DNA modification technology that can extend one's lifespan was also successful"

Xinghe frowned slightly noticing his reaction. He Lan Chang seemed to have forgotten there was a pistol pointing at his head, he demanded from Xinghe, "Quick, tell me. Is all that research also successful When did they achieve success? How come I had no clue about it but you do?"

"Because they did not want to tell you," Xinghe answered coldly. The 'they' she referred to were Xia Meng and Xie Xiaoxi's fathers.

"Impossible!" He Lan Chang retorted angrily, "Their freedom can only be gained once their research is successful. They are all still in my grasp, so it is impossible for them to not tell me! Furthermore, how could they possibly tell you when they are still in my hands? It is impossible for you to know any of this!"

These unknowns that were out of his control irked He Lan Chang. He stood and tried to rush at Xinghe but He Bin's pistol pressed heavily on his brain. He Lan Chang seemed to suddenly realize the situation he was in.

He glared at He Bin viciously and demanded, "He Bin, I am your father, how dare you treat me like this You ingrate, quickly put your gun down!"

He Bin could not help but laugh. "He Lan Chang, even at a time like this, do you think you can still order me around? Do you really think I will still treat you as my father"

He Lan Chang was stunned. He realized he could no longer lord over He Bin like he used to. He saw the hatred in He Bin's eyes. He Bin was going to kill him, but he must not die yet.

He Lan Chang immediately changed tact and expressed his sadness. "He Bin, no matter what, I am still your father. I have raised you single-handedly, even if you hate me, you should not treat me like this. Furthermore, it was never my intention to kill you, I merely wanted to physically punish you for betraying me. I am your father, so how could I have the heart to have you killed? You must not let yourself be seduced by this vixen!"