Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Necessary Evil
Chapter 777: Necessary Evil
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Deqing had stepped way over the line!

The little boy was obviously still dizzy from the physical assault. His face was contorted from pain and discomfort.

"Stand up!" Deqing ordered vehemently, his order seemed to come from the bowels of hell itself.

The boy was visibly shaken. He tried to stand up, but the sudden movement made him vomit all over the place. Witnessing this, Deqing frowned with disgust. However, he quickly turned to tell He Bin respectfully, "Young Master, it is getting unhygienic here, so why don't you go wait at the office? I will come meet you after I deal with this useless seed."

"How do you plan to deal with him?" He Bin asked coldly. Deqing thought He Lan Qi was showing dissatisfaction toward this boy. He quickly answered, "Naturally, we will perform a physical inspection on his body, nothing will happen if the results come back fine, but if it is a serious illness, we will have no choice but to give him up."

The boy who was deep in the throes of trauma had absolute terror flashed in his eyes when he heard the term 'give up'.

"No, no, manager, I am really fine" The little boy probably used every ounce of energy he could collect in his body to stand up and cried agitatedly, "Manager, no, please, I am really fine. Look at me, I"

Before he could finish, the boy fainted and crumbled to the floor, he was unconscious after that.

Deqing cursed vehemently, "What are the people doing? How can they not discover an illness this serious How could I show my face if this kind of seed was sent to that place?"

He Bin immediately latched onto the words in his sentence. He asked normally, "How many of them are getting sent over this time?"

Deqing explained, "Only the five you saw but looks like we will have to minus one!"

"Perhaps he can still be saved. Uncle Huang, we must not waste any useful seeds, they are not easy to come by," He Bin reminded him softly.

Deqing smiled. "Naturally, if he is fine, then we will definitely not give up on him, but if his illness is too serious, then we will have no other choice."

The moment Deqing finished, two doctors rushed over. When he saw them, Deqing ordered, "Bring him to the inspection room and remember to be thorough."

"Yes, sir!"

The little boy was immediately carried away and Deqing led He Bin them to another spot.

He Bin said with authority, "Uncle Huang, this is my first day taking over these things so after you have the result on that kid's illness, remember to inform me as well. I do not wish for this kind of thing to happen the day I take over the business."

"Of course." Deqing understood this was because a new broom sweeps clean. He Lan Qi had shown no explicit interest in the orphanage's dealings before, he usually left them to their own device, so this was the only explanation Deqing could come up with to make logic of He Bin's orders.

He Bin did not want to overdo it lest it raised Deqing's suspicion, so he added with a smile, "With that out of the way, can Uncle Huang lead me to see some place else? I wish to learn more from Uncle Huang, I feel like Uncle Huang has more to teach."

"It is the He Lan family's good fortune that Young Master is so willing to learn," Deqing caught the opportunity to endear himself to He Bin.

He Bin laughed and said humbly, "It is because Uncle Huang is so experienced that I am able to learn so much. Therefore, Uncle Huang, you must teach me everything you know."

"Young Master, you flatter me. Of course, I will reveal my secrets to Young Master for the sake of the He Lan family and our cause" After being praised, Deqing started to get smug and let his guard down. Furthermore, since He Lan Qi was going to be his future boss, he had no reservations.

Therefore, Xinghe and He Bin were exposed to more 'necessary' evils committed by the orphanage

For the sake cultivating the best and most loyal seed, the orphanage would do everything in their capability to train them. Needless to say, most of the training was harsh and inhuman