Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 780

Chapter 780 Dirty My Own Hands
Chapter 780: Dirty My Own Hands
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe was startled because she was indeed not feeling well

She did not show her feelings, but she was suffocated by the disgusted, noxious feeling in her heart. Xinghe accepted the glass of wine and finished it in one gulp.

Mubai stared at her and asked, "One more?"

"Thank you, but that is enough." Xinghe shook her head, she was afraid too much alcohol would cloud her mind. Furthermore, that one glass had already gone a long way.

Mubai retrieved the glass back from her hands and said in a low growl, "What do you plan to do?"

Xinghe did not answer but commented lightly, "Did you see those children's eyes? They are soulless and empty. They are still so young, but their souls have already been siphoned out."

"Yes, I did notice that." Mubai nodded. He had seen everything through the hidden camera. It was why he understood why Xinghe's mood would be affected. She might look unapproachable and aloof on the surface, but deep down she was an emotional and melancholic person. She would be ruthless against her enemies but showed kindness towards the weak. She was clear about what she loved and hated. Mubai understood her well.

"But this is not even the cruelest thing they did. The cruelest is there is no margin for mistakes, once they are deemed unworthy, there is only death," Xinghe said coldly. "Orphanage, is that not a home for orphans? But this Angel Orphanage is nothing but a hell that has claimed so many innocent lives!"

"We could kill all of them if you want," Mubai said directly. "Say the word and a river of blood will run."

"No, I want to do this myself." Xinghe shook her head with determination. This time she decided to dirty her own hands. She did not want to shield herself behind Mubai and become a woman who relied completely on her man.

As if reading her mind, Mubai grabbed her hands and said with a smirk, "Shall we join forces then?"

Xinghe looked at him and finally replied with a smile, "Sure."

Mubai was overjoyed. Even if they were venturing into a dark hole, as long as he was with her, he was happy.

The situation inside the orphanage gave Xinghe's party quite a shock. Ali's group wanted to rush back to the orphanage to slaughter the bunch of animals after they saw the surveillance video.

"Are they even humans? How can they treat these children like dogs?" Ali demanded with pain and anger as she pointed at the children who was in the middle of training on screen. That shot incited anger in many other people in the room as well.

On the video, the children were arranged in a straight line and they were undergoing what could only be described as dog training. The whip-wielding teacher-cum-trainer was shouting out orders like heel, kneel, and jump. The children would perform the required order accordingly like the dogs that they were. The teacher suddenly had a crazy glint in his eyes, he ordered them to slap themselves ten times, and the children followed the order obediently

The children were like wooden robots and followed the orders that were keyed into their brains. Even if the order was as pointless as slapping their own faces, they followed the order to the tee. The eyes of these children were empty and dull; the only thing on their mind was to accept the orders and nothing else.

Xinghe's group had heard of their many brainwashing techniques but this was the first time they witnessed such 'training' in person. These children were supposed to be innocent and cute, deserving of love and care.

Therefore, it was incendiary watching the things this 'orphanage' was putting them through. However, this was only the tip of the iceberg, as the video progressed, the anger level in the room only increased.