Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Contagious Flu
Chapter 783: Contagious Flu
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The plan was perfect because it did not even involve any risk. As they expected, Xinghe had given them the best solution, there was no problem that she could not solve. With the plan in place, Xinghe did not waste any time and contacted Lu Qi immediately.

After hearing everything, Lu Qi agreed to help easily. Creating a contagious flu was a walk in the park for him. Lu Qi was a crazed medical scientist; his collection of weird medicine and medicinal plants could shame most doctors. Of course, the contagion he created would not be cured by normal doctors in a short period of time.

With He Bin's help, Lu Qi managed to extract a contagion source from an animal.

"This kind of contagious flu will have the same symptoms as normal flu. It might look serious, but it is non-fatal and so far this strain of flu virus has not been documented in the public records yet so they will not be able to come up with an antidote any time soon," Lu Qi said rather proudly before adding, "But do not worry because I know how to make the vaccine."

"Have you tested it before?" Xinghe asked.

Lu Qi nodded. "Of course, I have tested it many times, I have even tested it on myself before."

Ali's group was shocked by this discovery. His title, mad scientist had its reasons.

"Then, we will use this," Xinghe said before turning to He Bin, "Do you dare take the risk?"

He Bin understood what she meant, she wanted him to be Patient Zero.

"Of course, I believe in Doctor Lu," He Bin said without hesitation. Lu Qi had done something as crazy as planting his memories into He Lan Qi's brain so what was a little flu shot? Therefore, he was willing to take the risk. Furthermore, the body was not his to begin with so taking this risk was nothing to him

Just like that, Xinghe's plan began officially. He Bin soon contracted the disease. He started coughing and his body temperature was burning up. A few doctors came to do physical checking and they came to the same conclusion. He was suffering from a contagious flu, and he contracted it at the orphanage from the sick little boy!

To have a better handle of the situation, the doctors needed to have the sick child brought out from the orphanage to be quarantined and analyzed.

When Deqing was informed of this, he was shocked. "How can there be a contagious flu? None of the children here, not even the boy himself, show any signs of flu."

"The virus might still be latent in his body. No matter what, it is imperative that the kids are brought to the hospital to be checked. Manager Huang, please have all the people who have interacted with this boy recently brought here so we can conduct a quick inspection. That includes yourself, Manager Huang," said Xinghe, who was wearing a mask.

Deqing did not buy into her words easily. He did not believe there was a flu to begin with. However, after a quick confirmation with the He Lan family, who said He Lan Qi indeed had fallen ill with contagious flu, he finally believed it. In fact, he was afraid that he was already infected.

After everyone was gathered, Deqing was the first to have his blood drawn for analysis. Everyone had to do it

Regarding the sick boy, Xinghe arranged for her men to take him away. He was the source of the contagion, so he had been quarantined. After all, the orphanage was filled with children, it would have been easy for the virus to spread if he was to stay.

He Bin personally called to remind Deqing that he was to not allow anything to happen to these children because they were the He Lan family's important assets, these important seeds must be protected!