Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Deal With Certain People
Chapter 785: Deal with Certain People
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However, Xinghe's group could still pick out the anxiousness in most of their eyes. Since they were taught from young to ask no questions and to follow orders, they did not voice their discomfort. Even when Xinghe's group called them for dinner, unlike normal children, there was no pushing or playing with food, everyone lined up orderly and started to eat like it was their mission to do so.

A child choked on his food, but he tried his best to not produce any sound. Xinghe spotted him and immediately walked towards him. The little boy immediately froze upon noticing she was walking near. His pair of anxious eyes watched her, afraid that he had done something wrong. He did not even dare to move an inch of his small frame.

To the child's surprise, Xinghe bent down to pass him a bottle of mineral water.

"Remember to wash it down if you are choking on food, okay?" she reminded him softly. Her tone was not extra gentle, but it felt like feather fluttering the child's ears. The little boy was shocked and accepted the water bottle carefully. He waited a second or two before taking a cautious sip of the water.

Xinghe knew how much these children were guarded against adults, so she did not spend time talking. She straightened up and prepared to leave.

"Will" Suddenly, the boy opened his mouth to say. His voice was barely above a whisper. However, Xinghe heard him so she turned around curiously.

The boy met her eyes and after making sure she would not get angry, he asked cautiously, "Will we die?"

This time, his voice was a bit louder, in fact most of the kids around him heard him. Every one of them was particularly sensitive to sound, they reacted very fast to auditory stimuli. Therefore, his question caused many children to turn around to focus on Xinghe.

Facing so many empty yet somewhat scared pairs of eyes, Xinghe replied confidently, "No, all of you will be fine."

She turned to leave after saying that, not knowing the massive effect it had on the children. The calm tone in her voice gave these kids something to hold on to, and perhaps for the first time in their lives, they felt warmth and kindness.

Honestly, they had no idea how to respond. They had no clue how to make sense of the warm and fuzzy feeling rising within them. They stared at Xinghe subconsciously as she walked away from them

After settling everything, Xinghe's group sighed in relief. Their plan was basically a success, there were no accidents or mistakes. It was finally time to deal with certain people!

Xinghe stood in the darkening night and her gaze was locked onto the quarantine center not far away. The iciness in her gaze was as dark as the night. Ali's group who followed behind her asked excitedly, "Xinghe, is it time to make our move?"

"Yes, let's go." Xinghe then started to stride towards the quarantine center. Ali's group quickly moved to fall behind her. Among them was Lu Qi who was carrying his medical bag. The bodyguards and doctors swarming the orphanage then had been handpicked by He Bin. They were He Lan Qi's loyal followers. They would do what He Bin asked of them without questions.

For this operation, He Bin handed them over to Xinghe's control. Xinghe's group gained access to the quarantine center easily. Due to Deqing's special identity, he had a room all to himself at the top of the building. He also had two doctors monitoring his illness at all times.

What he did not know was the whole quarantine center only housed him alone. Naturally, this arrangement was to facilitate Xinghe's plan.