Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 787

Chapter 787 We Want Your Life
Chapter 787: We Want Your Life
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"But we are not kidding with you." Xinghe pulled off her mask to reveal a chilling smile. Ali and the rest did the same and stared at him with apparent unfriendliness.

Deqing sat up from anxiety and stared at them with caution. "What are you guys doing? I am the manager of this place, even Young Master does not dare lift a finger against me, if any of you dare to show me disrespect, Young Master will definitely"

"He will definitely not find out," Xinghe said coldly. "Huang Deqing, no one will find out what will happen to you here tonight."

"What do you mean" Deqing could not help but expose his fear.

"That means we are going to take your life." Xinghe stared at him and practically spat out her words. Deqing widened his eyes from shock. Before he could react, Sam grabbed him and threw him off his bed.

Deqing crumbled to the floor in an ungraceful manner and his features were twisted from anger. "How dare you all treat me like this Security, detain all of them!"

However, no matter how hard he yelled, no one came. Xinghe's group was as collected as ever. This made Deqing fluster, he climbed up in a hurry and rushed towards the window.

Before he could reach the window though, he was pulled back by Sam. Ali stepped right on his chest, pinning him in place.

"Help, help, there are murderers here! Help!" Deqing yelled at the top of his lungs, but due to his fever, his voice was coarse and hard to understand. The more he yelled, the worse he sounded.

"Yelled enough already" Ali added weight to her feet and it caused Deqing to cough some more, it sounded like he was going to cough his internal organs out.

After the coughs finally petered off, he glared at Xinghe's group with his pale face and demanded, "Why are you doing this to me? I have done nothing wrong by you lot; why are you treating me this way?"

"Indeed, you have done nothing wrong by us, but you have violated the most basic of human decency, we are representing the heavens and have come to give you your due punishment," Xinghe announced coldly.

Deqing finally understood what was happening. He asked in shock, "Is this because of the way I manage the orphanage?"

Xinghe smirked. "Do you really think you have done a good job managing it?"

"Everything I did, it was because Old Master He Lan ordered me to! I am just following his orders! We all work for the He Lan family so do not tell me your hands are squeaky clean," Deqing countered.

Xinghe nodded. "Indeed, our hands are dirty from taking care of human rubbish like yourself."

"Then who gave you people the right to deal with me?" Deqing demanded, "If you are really that capable then go bring this up with Young Master or the whole He Lan family, I am just a pawn in their scheme, they are real masterminds!"

"That is why He Lan Chang is now a senile old man."

"What did you say?" Deqing was shocked, he looked at Xinghe with disbelief.

Xinghe stared coldly at him and repeated, "That is why He Lan Chang is now a senile old man."

"Old Master, this is your Is it because of you people that Old Master is in his current state?" Deqing was not dumb, he happened on the truth almost instantly. Xinghe did not admit or deny, but from the way she said those things, it was not far away from the truth. Deqing really did not expect they would have the courage to really go after He Lan Chang.