Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 79

Chapter 79 She Isnt Pregnant
Chapter 79: She isn't Pregnant

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So that was the truth.

The ballroom was in pandemonium.

Everyone stared at Wushuang skeptically.

Who would have thought a gentle and meek appearance like hers could hide such a hideous heart?

Stares of condescension and anger assaulted Wushuang from every angle.

A blanched Wushuang argued with quavering voice, "That's a fake, the voice is obviously not mine, it's falsified!"

"Should we check the time of recording for its authenticity then?" Xinghe asked slowly, her gaze as sharp as tack.

Like a deflated balloon, Wushuang slumped back down to the floor weakly.

Mubai ordered crisply, "Officers, now that we have the truth, you should know who to arrest right?"

"Wait!" Chui Ming yelled suddenly before continuing, "Even if the recording is authentic, it doesn't take away from the fact that Xia Xinghe wanted to harm my wife and child. This must be part of her scheme as well!"

"You know what? It's such a shame that you're not a lawyer because you speak with such conviction behind your every word no matter how wrong you know they are," Xinghe responded sarcastically.

Chui Ming ignored Xinghe. He continued unwaveringly, "I don't think my wife would fake her pregnancy just to frame someone like you."

"That only proves that you don't know your wife as well as you think you do, or you're both in it together. Either way, why don't we get her a doctor? Then, we'll know for sure." Xinghe suggested, her eyes fixed on Wushuang.

A flash of guilt within the other woman's eyes confirmed Xinghe's suspicions.

"Well, what are you two waiting for?" Xinghe goaded them, not giving them any chance to slither their way out, "Chui Ming, Xia Wushuang, the only way to affirm what you said is to have a doctor check the baby out. This is the golden opportunity you've been waiting for so why the hesitation?"

Wushuang's eyelids twitched slightly, she glared at Xinghe with murderous intent in her eyes

They were 90 percent sure they could ruin the b*tch.

They didn't expect her to be one step ahead of them.

Xinghe had them bested this time; their plan had failed

Chui Ming was cornered by Xinghe's severe questioning. Of course, he couldn't allow a doctor to give his wife a physical.

Wushuang was never pregnant to begin with. Their original plan was to announce her 'miscarriage' after Xinghe was brought to the precinct.

That way, her conviction for crime of willful and malicious injury would definitely stick.

They underestimated Xinghe. They didn't expect her to happen to carry along a pen recorder.

Little did they know; the pen recorder was not a coincidence. It was a concerted effort on Xinghe's part. She knew Chui Ming and Wushuang would mean her harm if she was to appear at the party so she prepared beforehand.

If the two didn't strike first, the party would have ended harmoniously. So, in a roundabout way, they dug their own graves.

Xinghe had predicted they would want her dead and, sadly, she was not disappointed.

"I'm a doctor so let me check her out," Suddenly, a tall and dashing man in a tuxedo said in a baritone voice.

Chui Ming and Wushuang's faces shifted slightly when they saw who it was.

Wasn't that the influential surgical expert, Lu Qi?

Lu Qi was famed across the nation and overseas because he was a genius doctor, familiar with all aspects of medicine but specializing in surgery.

More importantly, he came from an impressive family background.

Even a rudimentary physical like this couldn't possibly be faked because Lu Qi was not someone Chui Ming could suppress with his influence

After Mubai saw it was Lu Qi who stepped forth, he nodded agreeably. "Everyone has confidence in Doctor Lu's medical expertise. So, I'm sure no one would object to him doing the physical check-up."