Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 793

Chapter 793 The World Is Ending
Chapter 793: The World Is Ending
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The He Lan family had spent years building their influence and power, they could not be toppled overnight. If they went down, the whole country would be affected. Furthermore, they didn't hear of any threat facing the family before this, so this could not have happened out of nowhere.

"Impossible? Then why are all of you under arrest? All members of the He Lan family are in custody and the police has found proof of all your criminal activities, so you can save your breath, none of you are getting away."

He Lan Long's face blanched immediately. There was utter disbelief in other people's eyes. This news was like a flash of lightning in the middle of the day; it came without warning. Everything was fine a second ago but now everything was not. They did not even have the time to prepare for it. They could not accept this reality because it meant that their decades of hard work and sacrifice had gone to waste!

"Impossible, I do not believe this, I refuse to believe this!" He Lan Long exclaimed with agitation, the fury bubbling within him was directed fully at Xinghe. "Our He Lan family will not be so easily taken down, no one can undermine our power, we are the most influential family in history, no one can pose as a threat to us!"

"What if that person is He Lan Qi?" Xinghe asked.

He Lan Long was taken aback. "What did you say?"

Sam, who had a sadistic streak in him especially when he was faced with people who deserved it, added with a smirk, "It was He Lan Qi who provided all the evidence to undermine the He Lan family from within!"

"What" He Lan Long took a few faltering steps back. His body was swaying from side to side as if he could collapse at any moment. It was He Lan Qi who ratted us out then it is truly over!

"That traitor!" He Lan Long yelled with malevolence, he wished to have He Lan Qi right before him then so that he could tear into him. Everyone else was equally furious.

"He Lan Qi has sold us out That traitor, he has ruined everything!"

"How can he help outsiders ruin everything we have built, what is he thinking"

"This He Lan Qi, I will kill him!"

Everyone there was agitated and furious. It was as if He Lan Qi had murdered their parents or something like that. Xinghe's party was honestly a bit shocked; they did not realize they would be so united against a common enemy. However, under their anger, there was an insidious sense of madness.

Mubai pulled Xinghe to his side subconsciously, afraid that these people would suddenly lash out at them. The group of soldiers and police also stood at the ready, if anyone dared to riot, they would not hesitate to shoot.

"He Lan Qi did what he did because he could not bear to see the sins you people have committed. After all, you yourself understand what kind of sick things you have done," Xinghe suddenly said.

He Lan Long gave her an evil glance and started to laugh. "We are the sinners? No, this world made us into who we are; the winner takes it all! So why can there be so many kings and queens in history but we are sinning simply because we are aiming to do the same? Who has the power? Who will rule everything? That is the rule of everything. This world belongs to our He Lan family, so what if we falter for a step now? It has been destined from the beginning that everything will be ours! And all of you will have to die."

Like a raving madman, He Lan Long started to cackle. It made the hair on everyone's body stand.

"Very soon, you will find out how stupidly you have acted. You have ruined everything; this world is ending"