Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Acting
Chapter 80: Acting

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"Of course, of course" Unsurprisingly, no one objected.

Chui Ming and Wushuang didn't dare to object.

If this was to follow the plot of a normal soap opera, Wushuang should pretend to faint right this moment and truth be told, she had given it some thought but she knew that wouldn't work because Lu Qi was there.

Xia Xinghe, that b*tch had burned all bridges!

Wushuang glared at Xinghe, her heart bursting with the wish to tear her apart!

If not for her, she wouldn't have landed in this helpless situation.

"We don't need to trouble Dr. Lu, I just wish to ask my wife one thing," Chui Ming said as he looked at Wushuang understandingly, "Wushuang, be honest with me, did you frame Xinghe?"

Wushuang knew her husband was setting her up to take the fall.

That was the only way he could have a safe retreat.

And she had no choice but to accept the arrangement since she was the one who instigated the whole thing

Tears immediately poured out of Wushuang's eyes as she lamented in grief, "Honey, I'm sorry but I really didn't expect it to blow up to such proportions. I'm envious of the fact that daddy only had Sis in his eyes so I just wanted to teach her a small lesson. I sincerely didn't mean her any harm, I just wanted someone to notice me"

"You did what?" Chui Ming stared at her with utter disbelief as if this was really news to him.

This acting

Xinghe really wanted to give them another round of slow claps.

"Honey, I'm sorry. Sis, I'm sorry, this is my fault. I'm really sorry, could you please forgive me" Wushuang broke down into a sniveling mess, hoping to earn more sympathy points.

Xinghe, though, didn't intend to show mercy to those that meant her and her family harm.

"Now that she admitted the truth, Mr. Officers, you all are free to take her away," she said unfeelingly. With her make-up ruined by tears, Wushuang lifted her face and begged Xinghe, "Sis, I know my mistake now, could you please forgive me? At least do it for daddy's sake"

"Shut it!" Xinghe interrupted her sternly, "Xia Wushuang, number one, you are not my father's daughter, and even so, he had always loved you like you were his own. So, don't you dare bring up his name because until this day I still have my suspicions about his sudden death and the way his inheritance so naturally fell into you and your mother's hands."

This was another bomb that shocked the crowd.

Xinghe just exposed the truth behind Wushuang's 'pregnancy' so there was added weight behind her accusations. Could Wushuang really be vicious enough to kill her own father?

Suddenly, there was caution in the way the crowd looked at Wushuang.

No matter the truth, the accusation would be haunting her reputation forever.

Wushuang stared wide-eyed at Xinghe, her face completely drained of blood.

She really didn't expect Xinghe to drop something like that out in public.

When did she become so ruthless?

"Xia Xinghe, how dare you implicate me I had nothing to do with dad's death; I'm innocent!"

"Did I say you aren't?" Xinghe replied with a smile. She turned to the policemen and said, "Sirs, can you please take this guilty person away?"

The policemen were at a loss but at the end, they had no choice but to order, "Ms. Xia, could you please follow us?"

Wushuang wanted to struggle some more but Chui Ming interrupted her, "Honey, I don't care whether you're right or wrong, I will hire the best lawyer to represent you so don't worry. No matter how other people look at you, you will always be the best in my heart. I love you."