Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Space Fireworks
Chapter 802: Space Fireworks
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"So you had better be prepared because I am going to reveal what I have been doing to the world for the past decades."

On the screen, He Lan Yuan first clapped his hands with a gentleman's grace. On the giant screen behind him showed the images of the satellites in space. The most conspicuous were the ten satellites that had aligned themselves into a line.

"Do you all see this? These satellites are just part of my invention. I am using these satellites to converse with all of you. However, in ten minutes' time, all of these satellites will explode, consider it my first gift to all of you. Of course, this is not the only thing I have done. My greatest creation was to spread about five hundred satellites around Earth's ozone layer. Yes, your ears are not deceiving you, there are about five hundred of them.

"These satellites are not only capable of sending signals, they also contain great explosive power. Each satellite can release energy equivalent to one atomic bomb. Are you shocked hearing this? Are you thinking 'Is that man planning to destroy the world?'"

He Lan Yuan smiled and continued with ease like he was talking about the weather, "If you are thinking that, then congratulations because you are absolutely right. When these satellites lower themselves to Earth and explode, the world probably will end. However, do not be afraid because if you are willing to swear your loyalty to me and serve me, the world will still be the same.

"Understand that I am a man of great compassion. I will give you all one month to think this over. In one month's time, I will be back to hear your decision. Remember, all of you only have one month to decide. Resistance is futile because, let me remind you, I can see everything from space. Alright, that is all for today. Next, please enjoy these fireworks in space that I have prepared for you."

The screen changed to focus on the satellites. Of the ten satellites that had arranged in a line, one of them suddenly started to hurtle towards Earth!

Its speed was incredibly fast, like a meteor flying through space. Everyone was watching the satellite in awe and shock as it exploded in space

The sparks from the explosion were blinding and the drastically falling satellite was like a shooting star, dragging its flame across the sky. It was beautiful yet creepy.

Thankfully, the flames were extinguished before it reached the ozone layer, but in that time, everyone over the world watching this was so shocked that they forgot to breath. They assumed this satellite's explosion was going to be as big as an atomic bomb. Thankfully, that was not the case

However, the nerves of the whole world were strung taut again the next second because the second satellite started falling. Different from the first one, this satellite exploded much earlier and the explosion was much bigger.

Thankfully, it was far from Earth, so the damage was not big. However, these two explosions told everyone one thing, He Lan Yuan had the ability to control the time of explosion, and the magnitude of explosion for each satellite was different.

It was not out of this world to believe one of them could rival the destructive power of an atomic bomb. The explosion of the next satellite confirmed that.