Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 803

Chapter 803 The End Of The World
Chapter 803: The End of the World
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The explosions of the next few satellites were all of differing magnitudes, but every one of them showcased He Lan Yuan's seriousness and scariness!

Every time a satellite exploded, everyone's heart would skip a beat. However, there was a comforting thought in everyone's mind. Many people presumed the satellites could not get into Earth completely unscathed. This was because Earth was protected by a layer of ozone. The satellite would create friction in space, and when it entered the atmosphere, the high heat would cause the satellite to explode. When it reached Earth's sky, the flames would have been put out. Therefore, it was impossible for the satellites to explode after it entered the Earth's atmosphere!

However, when the last satellite hurtled towards Earth and did not combust as it fell through the ozone layer as many assumed it would, the entire world fell silent!

No one dared to think He Lan Yuan was kidding. He could really make the satellites explode after they entered Earth's atmosphere. The material he used to create the satellite could withstand the heat from re-entry as the satellite fell through the ozone layer!

As the space fireworks drew to a close, the whole world was in a riot, no, pandemonium!

People were wailing openly, fearful of the end of the world. Some were cheering because this gave them the opportunity to unleash their inner demons. There was nothing holding them back anymore.

Many took up arms to fight He Lan Yuan to the bitter end for the sake of their country and home!

Some even committed suicide instead of waiting for the end of the world to come

However, the majority indulged in their desires, desires that was put on the backburner due to the reason called life. Those that maintained their calm were few and far in between. Xinghe's group was one of them.

When they saw the space fireworks that He Lan Yuan prepared, they were shocked. They did not realize the threat was so big. He Lan Yuan's actions and threat were way bigger than they had expected. How could such a mad person even exist in the world?

"Xinghe, what are we to do now?" The normally fearless SamWolf also started to have hints of fear in their voices. Of course, they subconsciously turned to Xinghe for help. Xinghe was also at a loss and she turned to Mubai for guidance. The latter said slowly, "Let's get to the president's house for now and find out more about He Lan Yuan."

"You are right, let's go now!" Xinghe finally recovered from her shock. At that time, they needed to find out everything they could on He Lan Yuan; maybe they could understand the reason for his misanthropy from his history.

Coincidentally, Chui Qian wanted to see them. He Bin also left He Lan Villa at first notice and rushed towards the president's house. He was not dumb, he prepared to leave when the stations were taken over. If he was one second later, he would not have been able to leave because not long after he left, many came to He Lan Villa to demand for an explanation.

It was obvious that He Lan Yuan was related to the He Lan family, so the first response of the angry mod was to swarm He Lan Villa to demand justice. However, after they barged into He Lan Villa, they only found the predisposed He Lan Chang who lay helplessly in his bed.

No one could have thought He Lan Qi had already left for the president's house