Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 808

Chapter 808 No Bravery
Chapter 808: No Bravery
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"No excuses, you have to listen to my orders, you have no choice!"

Xinghe was startled. This was the first time Mubai had ever spoken to her in such a forceful and almost emotionless manner. However, Xinghe was not mad because she understood he was only looking out for her.

Mubai sat down beside her and shoved the food onto her plate with an angry expression. However, it did not take long for him to soften his tone and said, "Enjoy your meal. The world might be ending but your health is still the most important."

Xinghe could not help but laugh. "Who still cares about health when the world is ending?"

"I do care." Mubai looked into her eyes with his shiny black eyes. "Even if the world is ending, I will protect you and make sure that you live, so your health is always important to me."

"No one can protect me because He Lan Yuan will definitely kill me." Because it was Xinghe who had ruined the He Lan family.

Mubai's lips curved into an unamused smile and said darkly, "Let's see him try! He Lan Yuan does not even have the guts to face us personally; he is only brave enough to shout his threats from space. He has to be here to pose a threat to you, and remember, as long as I am alive, no one, not even that He Lan Yuan, will be able to harm you."

There was a sudden glint in Xinghe's eyes. "What did you just say?"

Mubai repeated firmly, "Nothing will happen to you, as long as I am alive, no one, not even that He Lan Yuan, will be able to harm you."

"No, not that." Xinghe shook her head, she looked at him and said, "You said, He Lan Yuan does not even have the guts to face us personally, he is only brave enough to shout his threats from space."

Mubai did not understand why she would focus on that but he nodded. "That's right, he does not have the balls to come down to Earth because if he did, then he wouldn't be able to return with his life. Unless he wants to die together with the whole world, I don't see him threatening this world anymore."

"You are absolutely right!" Xinghe suddenly grabbed his arm and there was apparent excitement in her eyes.

Mubai was taken aback because Xinghe was rarely that emotional.

Xinghe laughed excitedly. "He does not dare come down here because he is afraid of death, or else why would he have wasted so years arranging his crazy plan? He will not allow any danger to come to himself because his ambitions are still unfulfilled."

Mubai was confused. "And? What is your point?"

"If he does not come down, then how is he going to rule this world? He is going to play God from space, what is the fun in that?"

Comprehension dawned for Mubai. "Indeed, if he does not come down, how is he going to rule this world?"

"Furthermore, he should be in his old age by now. If he really did become the ruler, how many years longer can he sit on the throne?" Xinghe posed another question.

Mubai was startled, then said with hesitation, "You mean"

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, he needs the memory cells."

Now Mubai understood what she was hinting at, "He does not dare to come down means that he still does not know the research on memory cell has already completed?"

"Perhaps, but maybe he knows the full story. He still might have no use for something that has a 6-months expiry date."

"If the research remains unsuccessful then he cannot rule the world."

"That is probably why he did not make any move even though his plans had been in motion for decades."

There was still one thing puzzling Mubai. "Regardless, if he stays in space, we cannot do anything to him as well. He can still threaten to destroy the whole world."

"But at least we have a ray of hope. He cannot rule this world forever because he will die, and when he does, the world will return to its peaceful state."