Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Out Of This World
Chapter 811: Out of this World
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As the saying goes, sometimes four heads are better than two. Xinghe and Mubai were busy cracking the system and they did not have time to concern themselves with something else and that was where SamWolf stepped in.

Since they had nothing to occupy themselves with, might as well do some thinking. While Mubai and Xinghe were working on the computers, SamWolf gathered for a brainstorm session. They each really provided some suggestions, but none of them seemed to work. After all, the whole world was figuring out ways to deal with He Lan Yuan. Several billion people could not come up with a solution much less the four of them.

However, this did not mean that they would give up. While Xinghe and Mubai were taking a break for lunch, Ali and her group came up to propose their ideas. Xinghe was slightly surprised. "You guys have some ideas to solve this?"

Sam nodded. "We do, but we doubt they could be of any use."

Mubai decided to entertain them and replied, "Well, let us hear it."

Sam coughed and said, "Our first idea is to make a super weapon and then have every country fire them off at the same time and destroy all those satellites in space! What do you think about that? Of course, we have no idea what kind of weapon it would be."

Xinghe shook her head. "This kind of idea must have been floated by the United Nations already, but it is extremely difficult to put into fruition. Creation of the weapons is not hard, but it will take time and one month is not enough. Furthermore, the satellites are spread too far in space, we will need too many weapons. One more thing, the moment we start something of this scale, it will tip off He Lan Yuan."

"You people have seen how fast he can react," Mubai added. Sam's group faces immediately darkened. The satellites designed by He Lan Yuan could be fired at a moment's notice. They would not have the chance to fire their weapons before He Lan Yuan made his satellites fall from the sky.

No matter, they still had other ideas if this one did not work.

"What about this?" Ali was excited to propose her idea. "We can create some kind of anti-air system like a giant magnetic field to repel these satellites back into space. This way these satellites will not be able to come to Earth and we might be able to use them to attack He Lan Yuan."

Cairn supplemented, "But we have no clue how to go about such an anti-air system as well, but there are so many experts in the world, they must know how to do it."

Xinghe was very impressed. "That is not a bad idea."

"Really" Ali cheered excitedly, "Xinghe, do you agree with this idea? This is my idea; do you think it will work?"

Xinghe smiled. "It could work but it is not something that can be created in this era. Furthermore, the effect will not be that obvious since we do not have the technology to create such a large and powerful magnetic field. Even if the satellites exploded several thousand meters aboveground, it could cause massive damage to the world."

If He Lan Yuan was crazy enough to fill some of them with acid to create acid rain, then the world would be finished. Therefore, they vetoed this plan as well.

Ali sighed disappointedly, "So this wouldn't work either."

Wolf suddenly chimed in, "That's why I said all of the ideas are too out of this world. From how I see it, we should pretend to surrender to lure He Lan Yuan out and then we capture him and kill him! This is the most effective and direct solution!"