Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Special Communication Method
Chapter 812: Special Communication Method

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This idea was vetoed as well. Mubai said softly, "He Lan Yuan is too cautious to fall for something like that. Without full confidence, he will not descend on Earth. When he does, his people will have finished researching memory cells. With memory cells, he can revive himself continuously."

"This jerk! Then how do we kill him?" Sam asked angrily.

Ee Chen smirked and said, "From how I see it, the most plausible way to deal with him is to take over those satellites. Without them to threaten us, we will have more time to come up with a plan to deal with him."

Xinghe nodded. "That is the best idea but taking over those satellites is easier said than done."

"Xinghe, what about you? Do you have any ideas?" Ali asked.

Xinghe shook her head. "No, we have gone through many ideas, but they are all too risky. The safest solution is to unlock these supercomputers to see if we can gather more information to deal with He Lan Yuan."

"What if there is nothing in the supercomputers to help us deal with him?"

Xinghe was silent before saying solemnly, "Then we'd better be prepared to be ruled by him."

Everyone was silent.

Earlier SamWolf thought the world treated them unfairly, in fact, they sometimes wished for the world to end too. However, right then, they felt the world was actually a beautiful place. At least there was a lot of happiness happening in the world. In conclusion, even though there was occasional sadness, the greater world was living in simple satisfaction and joy. Therefore, they did not wish for the world to end. They did not wish for a tyrannical ruler like He Lan Yuan.

From the ways he threatened the world, they knew he would not be a fair ruler or even a moral human being. He would not be kind to the world or fair towards humanity. The world in his hands would be hell. Their faces were drawn thinking about their dark future.

Xinghe put down her plate to console them, "But there is no need to be so depressed, until the last minute, we must not give up."

"But what other ways are there? Wouldn't it be nice if someone in space can help us kill He Lan Yuan" Ali sighed in exasperation.

Sam suddenly clapped and pointed at Xinghe and Ee Chen. "Your parents might be in space, right? Can't you contact them to get them to kill He Lan Yuan?"

Ee Chen laughed. "Do you think I would wait until now to contact them if I could?"

"Xinghe, you must have some ways to contact your mother, right? Both of you know computers, so perhaps she left you some special communication channel?"

Cairn said suddenly, "Perhaps she left you some kind of unique method to contact her?"

"That's right, Xinghe, why don't you think about it? There might be something there." Ali started to get excited.

Something did surface in Xinghe's mind being reminded of such. She suddenly laughed. "Maybe the outsiders do have a cleaner sight looking in. All of you did come up with some brilliant ideas. This is the second time you have reminded me of something important. Thank you, I will go follow up on it now!"

"Let's go." Xinghe with apparent excitement then pulled Mubai away and left the room. Sam's group hurriedly chased after them.

"Xinghe, do you and your mother really have a special method to communicate?"

"Xinghe, wait a minute, what we did remind you about?"