Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Simulation Robot
Chapter 813: Simulation Robot

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Xinghe was indeed reminded of something. When her mother left so many years ago, she left her with the blueprint for a simulation robot. She reminded her multiple times to study her computer skills so that one day they would meet again.

However, she had studied those blueprints from front to back, but they still had not met, and she could not understand why her mother would give her blueprints for a robot. Her mother, in her memory, was not that particularly crazed about science or even robots.

However, now she seemed to have understood why her mother designed those things and left them to her. She prayed that her instinct was right.

Xinghe opened her computer and pulled out those blueprints from her own cloud server. Mubai frowned with confusion when he saw those blueprints. "What are these? Robots?"

"Yes, it is a type of human simulation robot. I used these blueprints to come up with the artificial limb design." Xinghe nodded slightly.

"It looks so real. If created, I bet it would look no different from an actual human," an impressed Sam muttered.

Ee Chen said in a weirdly smug tone, "I have already seen these blueprints before."

"Xinghe, how could you let him see something so important?" Sam grumbled with annoyance. Mubai also felt weirdly unsatisfied. He was also seeing this for the first time himself, so how could Ee Chen have seen it before?

Xinghe said matter-of-factly, "He would not have understood it anyway."

Therefore, it mattered not whether she gave him the blueprints to study or not. Ee Chen felt physically punched in his stomach while Mubai and the rest felt a lot better. But

Mubai voiced his confusion, "This has something to do with the idea on your mind?"

Ali suddenly said, "I know! Xinghe, you plan to design this robot, and have it fly into the sky to kill He Lan Yuan?"

"Childish!" Wolf scoffed in her face and said confidently, "She is going to create a robot army to officially go into war with He Lan Yuan!"

Ee Chen's eyes were rolled to the back of his head dealing with these people who were all brawn and no brains. He said helplessly, "Do you think the plan is that simple? Let's listen to what Xinghe has to say."

"Xinghe, what is on your mind? Tell us," Sam urged.

Xinghe shook her head. "I still have not come up with a concrete plan, but I do have some ideas already. After I have made the decision, I will tell all of you."

"So, in other words, you still have no plan?" Ali's group suddenly felt greatly disappointed. They had such great hopes in her.

"That's right so leave me be and go busy yourselves with your own stuff. Let me think about this in peace and quiet."

"Okay then, we will not disturb you anymore, don't overwork yourself." Ali and the rest shuffled out of the room, leaving only Mubai behind.

He did not think Xinghe really had no clue. He asked her in a whisper, "So, what is really on your mind?"

Xinghe did not hide from him and said with some hesitation, "It is still uncertain yet, but I suddenly realize the robot's design theories might be related to these systems?"

Mubai was startled. "They are related? How?"

"I feel it is that way. Regarding the how, you have to give me time to think about it." Xinghe then entered her concentration stage. Mubai stared at the way she lost herself in her thoughts and his gaze became soft and interested.

Whenever Xinghe focused fully on her task, she would look extremely attractive, and every time, Mubai would find himself subconsciously getting lost in studying her.

In this world, only she could hold such an attraction over him.