Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 818

Chapter 818 They Do Not Trust You
Chapter 818: They Do Not Trust you

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Xinghe agreed with Cairn. They could go ask Chui Qian for help. There was no reason for them to butt heads with George directly.

This was going to be the first time Xinghe's group had left the base since He Lan Yuan's appearance. Even though they already knew how mass hysteria had taken hold over the world from the daily news, when their car entered the city center, the gravity of the destruction really struck them.

The originally beautiful street was replaced by broken buildings and trash. The shops by the road were all raided. A mannequin from one of the boutiques was even beheaded, perhaps an omen of the bleak future to come. The supermarkets were hit the worst.

Military units with shields and guns patrolled the streets in their jeeps. They would stop every passing car for inspection to ensure the people within did not carry any dangerous objects.

Xinghe's car was also inspected. However, thanks to the document approved by the country, they were allowed to carry firearms. After finding out they were heading towards the president's house, the soldiers advised them to return because the place was already surrounded. It would be impossible for them to get in.

Xinghe thanked them for the information but still chose to continue on their journey. The soldiers were right, many citizens crowded around the president's house, demanding an explanation from their president. However, this was an international crisis, what could the president say to calm them?

However, this was these people's last vestige of hope, therefore, even if they were just physically near the president's house, they felt somewhat safer.

After Xinghe contacted Chui Qian, he tried his best to find them a secret path to get into the president's house. When they saw Chui Qian, Xinghe's group was shocked.

Only a short period of time had passed but he had lost so much weight, he seemed to have grown older before their eyes. Even He Bin who stayed at the president's house did not fare any better.

Chui Qian explained helplessly, "The pressure is simply too high! I have to attend meetings every day to come up with a solution. Every minute is important, and it is the same for everyone. In any case, I do not have time to spare, I can only give you ten minutes so tell me what you need."

Xinghe did not waste time and said directly, "I have found the solution to unlock the base's system."

Chui Qian was surprised before breaking into a joyous smile. "For real?"

"Yes, but before I could get a move on, the base was taken over by the United Nations' military, they have no faith that I am capable of cracking the defense system."

"Okay, I will help you convince them."

Chui Qian left immediately. After a short wait, he returned with disappointment written on his face. "I am sorry, I have no idea what that George reported to his superiors but none of them are willing to put their trust in you. George even said that his team has already come up with the solution, so he does not need our help. No matter how hard I begged, they refused to let you return. However, I did manage to get the United Nations to promise if George's team cannot solve the problem in the next three days, they will agree to let you try."