Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 83

Chapter 83 The Real Creator
Chapter 83: The Real Creator

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Xia Zhi couldn't figure out a way they could topple Chui Ming no matter how hard he racked his brain.

At least he knew he didn't have that capacity.

"If only Xia Wushuang was unmarried," Xia Zhi sighed.

At the end of the day, their target was only Wu Rong and Wushuang.

Chui Ming was an added burden, a heavy one at that.

It made it that much more difficult to deal with Wushuang and her mother.

In other words, this would be a lot simpler if Wushuang hadn't married Chui Ming.

However, Xinghe didn't mind an additional Chui Ming, she had a well thought out plan to take them all down. In removing Chui Ming, she considered doing the world a service, helping it rid of one additional rough spot.

"Zhi, don't worry about that, I won't start something that I have no confidence in. Believe me, I'll reclaim everything that's ours in less than a month."

For some reasons, Xinghe's statements always carried water.

Xia Zhi had been through a lot with his sister since she recovered her memory. He knew the ridiculous tricks that she could pull out of thin air.

He believed everything she said fully.

"Sis, I believe in you! But don't forget that I'm always at your disposal, use me in whatever way you see fit!" Xia Zhi said with a macho bump on his chest, Xinghe couldn't help chuckling at his antics.

City T was a bustling international city.

The Northern Pier was the city's oldest marina. It sat by a fishing village.

The villagers were men and women of labor. Their main source of income was fishing and it was an extremely badly paying occupation that required more brawn than brain.

Xia Zhi thus found it odd for his sister to come to this place in search of the person that could help them fight against Chui Ming.

Xinghe explained, "Have you heard the story of how Chui Ming got into the internet business?"

Chui Ming could handle the non-technical side of the business but he seemed practically clueless when it came to the actual nuts and bolts of his company.

Furthermore, Chui Corps had nothing to do with the internet business before Chui Ming's company. It did seem weird that he would venture into a field that he had no prior knowledge in.

On this issue, Xia Zhi did do some research on his own.

He answered immediately, "I did hear some rumors about that. The digital grapevine said that King Kong Internet Security wasn't his creation but his friend's. You know what kind of person Chui Ming is, so they said he back-stabbed his friend and claimed the software as his own. Of course, this is all hearsay."

Xinghe nodded, "You are 100 percent correct. I've scanned through the software's history when I hacked into his company's database. Chui Ming did steal it from a friend."

Xia Zhi was disgusted.

"He sure is one contemptible human being!"

"Just perfect for Xia Wushuang, don't you think?" Xinghe said with a smile.

Xia Zhi burst into laughter.

"Sis, are we here to find that unlucky friend of Chui Ming's?" Xia Zhi asked.

Xinghe once again nodded.

The person Xinghe was looking for lived at the Northern Pier fishing village. Xinghe had long received wind of this valuable news but she waited until after the completion of her plan's first step to act on it. She didn't want to alert her foes.

But now she had no time to lose because Wushuang and gang must be coming up with their own devious plan as well.

And the key to her plan was the person she was looking for that day.

After two hours in the car, they reached the Northern Pier.

The Ferrari they drove attracted more than a few eyes as Xia Zhi shuttled between the shingled houses following the address his sister gave.