Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Explosive Anger
Chapter 831: Explosive Anger

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"Okay." Xinghe nodded with a smile and swore internally that she would do everything she could to secure this happiness of hers, to protect everyone she cared about!

Xinghe's group was secretly led away by George. No one knew where they were going, not even Chui Qian. To protect their safety, no information was leaked. There were too many people looking for them outside. Some terrorist groups had even joined in to track them down and kill them.

They were the hot topic on the internet. Everyone was discussing whether to kill them or not. Some countries also supported the idea of sacrificing the two of them.

Overnight, Xinghe and Mubai became the whole world's hit list. Not even IV Syndicate's leader had such 'honor' when he was still around.

Xinghe and Mubai had done nothing but good for the society at large. These cowards had glossed over their contributions and wanted to kill them for their own selfish reasons. This was how fragile human loyalty was, so cruel and flimsy.

As they scrolled through the forum, Ali's group was incensed. They really did not expect such ugliness to show itself so apparently on the internet. Xinghe, on the other hand, was trying her best to figure out a way to deal with He Lan Yuan, to save the world. Witnessing this, Ali was close to blowing her top off.

"Xinghe, the world is plotting against your life, why are you still so hell bent on saving them? Might as well let He Lan Yuan rule the world, then maybe these scum will learn their lesson!" Ali told Xinghe angrily.

Xinghe stopped her fingers that were typing and said softly, "Didn't I tell to not go online? you're only getting yourself annoyed by doing that."

"I am not annoyed, I am feeling sorry for you two! You've been trying your best to deal with He Lan Yuan, but these people just want to sacrifice you. Don't you think these people deserve He Lan Yuan?"

"Xinghe, stop saving the world, let them all die!" Sam and the guys supported Ali. Xinghe knew their words were heavily influenced by their anger.

She smiled and shrugged. "The reason I am going after He Lan Yuan has nothing to do with these people. I am doing this for myself, for you guys, and for the good people in the world. I don't care what the other people think or do."

"That might be true but reading this still angers me so much."

"Then, stop reading it. Focus on our own responsibility instead."

"Then, I will make it my responsibility to demolish these scum!" Ali pouted angrily.

Xinghe laughed and said, "Don't get angry for me, this is only a phase. They will all have their comeuppance, at the very least, what they did will hang on their conscience forever."

"But this is going so easy on them" Ali grumbled, but she was feeling better after talking it out with Xinghe.

"Then do you want me to go hard on the public or do you want me to succeed in taking down He Lan Yuan?" Xinghe asked.

Ali smiled helplessly. "Of course, I wish for you to succeed."

Or else they would all die because He Lan Yuan would not forgive them after he managed to rule the world.

"That's all I need. Don't worry, we will definitely succeed," Xinghe said confidently.

"Xinghe, will your plan really work?" Ali asked with a degree of anxiety.

Xinghe nodded. "It should, if it doesn't, then it is fate's doing."

"It will definitely work!" Ali encouraged her, "Xinghe, we believe in you, you will definitely succeed."