Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 836

Chapter 836 Explosion
Chapter 836: Explosion

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"What have I done? You will find out soon enough anyway I have taken over everything, you have lost the power to threaten Earth!"

"What?" He Lan Yuan gasped. He slammed on the button to drop a satellite on Earth. He would not believe that he no longer held the upper hand in this interaction. He would not believe this woman is so powerful that she could overwrite his control of the satellite.

However, no matter how hard he slammed the fire button, the satellite stayed motionless. Finally, a semblance of anxiety cracked his composure.

Xinghe stared at him and said coldly, "Don't waste your time, everything is under my control now. Do you know how I did that?"

He Lan Yuan glared at Xinghe wordlessly, but his gaze communicated plenty of murderous intent.

Xinghe smirked with indifference. "Well, you are not qualified enough to know how I took control of your satellites. But as you have done, I will give you a real cosmic show. Open your eyes wide and see!"

Xinghe pressed a few buttons and the satellites all exploded in space!

The peerless explosion appeared on the screens all over the world. However, it only lasted for a moment because all the screens shut down after that!

The satellites in space all exploded in just a matter of seconds. The only things that were left up in the sky were the shining stars.

The public turned up their heads to look into the sky. Their expressions were as complicated as their feelings. Some of them even wondered if everything was a dream.

Had Xia Xinghe really managed to remove all the threats facing them? The satellites were all taken care of Is anything of this real?

Everyone looked around with disbelief. The world was so quiet, one could hear the drop of a pin. Back in the Galaxy Control Centre, the disbelief was palpable as well. Even though they knew this was their goal, even they had a hard time believing everything had come to an end.

He Lan Yuan's satellites had all exploded, the threat to Earth had disappeared, right?

It was so sudden that it was really hard to believe. However, the explosion was broadcasted to the whole world. Until now, the explosion was still playing in the people's mind. It had seared into the public's memory.

Therefore, Xinghe must have succeeded. He Lan Yuan was ruined!

At that moment, everyone had difficulty finding their words.

"Xinghe, Xinghe you have succeeded. You have really succeeded, right? We are safe. All of the satellites exploded, haven't they?" Ali stuttered to ask. Everyone else turned to look at her, suppressing their excitement.

Xinghe nodded slightly. "Yes, they are all ruined. No one can threaten the world anymore. He Lan Yuan's evil plot is now up in smoke."

Ali clamped her palm over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming out loud. Her eyes were filled with thankful tears. Her emotions infected everyone there.

Even Mubai had some tears in his eyes. He looked intently at Xinghe; there was many things he wanted to say but he could not find the right words.

It was like the whole world was under a silent spell. No one knew what to say, because no words seemed good enough to describe the emotions they were feeling.

However, sometimes, no words were better. Perhaps, this was what it felt like when they say one feels speechless.