Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Follow You Everywhere
Chapter 840: Follow You Everywhere

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"In other words, you only want me to share the good times but not the bad times?"

"You have your responsibility and I have mine. I don't want to drag you into my business."

Mubai's eyes turned deeper and his voice dropped to a deep growl. "Does this mean you don't actually love me?"

Xinghe frowned. "Why would you think that?"

"Because if you do, you would not have much such a distinction between you and me. If this is my responsibility, would you follow to help me?"

Xinghe did not know how to answer. If the shoes were on the other foot, she would follow him too.

Mubai pulled her in for a hug and said softly, "Therefore, don't stop me from going with you. You have no idea how much I hate myself when I have stand there and do nothing but support you from the sidelines. If you take away my last pleasure of being your side, wouldn't that be too cruel?"

"But I'm going into the heavens, not somewhere on Earth."

Mubai laughed. "That is just perfect, is it not? I will follow you to heaven and hell."

Xinghe could not suppress the smile on her face. She hugged him back and nodded. "Alright then, we will go together. I will be putting my life in your hands."

Mubai was taken aback and he hugged her even harder!

This was the first time Xinghe had voiced her reliance on him, it gave him much surprise and excitement. Mubai could not contain himself from kissing the top of her head. He promised, "Don't worry, I swear to protect you with my life. My single goal in life is to be your guard."

Xinghe was deeply touched. Internally, she swore to do the same by him. As long as she was alive, she would not leave his side. In the past, they had missed many things, but that only made them savor their future together even more.

No matter what happened in the future, they would stick together and would never be apart.

After Xinghe and Mubai decided to join the military to go to the moon, they joined their training camp. They had to undergo plenty of strenuous training before they were allowed to go into space. The training was difficult, but it was not much of an issue for Xinghe and Mubai.

SamWolf and Ee Chen also joined the training. They also wanted to go into space. They could not miss out on such a grand adventure.

Even Munan wanted to follow along, but he was directly denied by Mubai. There was no telling what would happen on moon, they could not risk the Xi family's whole future on this one adventure. For the sake of his family, Munan had to yield. He was deeply annoyed because he should be responsible for this kind of mission and not Mubai.

However, the person with the biggest say then was Xinghe. If Xinghe was going to the moon, there was no way Mubai would not follow. Hence, Munan had no choice but to surrender to his fate.

Not only him, many people volunteered to follow them on this adventure to the moon. They could not imagine the base He Lan Yuan had built up there. Therefore, they wished to see the place for themselves. This kind of opportunity came once in a life time, even if they died up there, it would be worth it.

However, none of the volunteers were allowed the opportunity. The ones going were soldiers, doctors, and scientists who had gone through stringent screening. It was due to Xinghe that SamWolf and Ee Chen were allowed to tag along.

As Xinghe and the rest were undergoing the training, the order of the world was slowly recovering. However, the world order was not something that could be fixed in a short amount of time.