Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Not Even One Alien
Chapter 847: Not Even One Alien

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So, they were really on the moon, the moon that they had seen on television and newspapers. Looking at the pictures and being there in person were completely different experiences.

Mubai subconsciously took Xinghe's hand, an indication of his insecurities towards this barren unknown. Xinghe squeezed his hand in return. She smiled and said, "Let's go."

"Okay." Mubai nodded. When they prepared to move forward, Sam suddenly called after them. "Wait a minute please."

Xinghe and Mubai turned to watch Sam plant a flag into the ground. The flag was huge but the picture on it was not the country flag of any country, it was Sam's picture. This was something he had someone made before they left Earth. In the picture, he was in a pair of suit and he was sporting a pretentious pose.

According to rumors, the cameraperson had to take several hundred pictures before he eventually settled on this particular one. After fixing the flag in place, Sam mimicked the pose he had on the flag and asked the two of them, "What do you think? Handsome or not?"

Xinghe and Mubai wanted to laugh.

"Yes, handsome, now can we go?" Xinghe nodded and said insincerely.

"Wait, you have to help me take a few pictures to immortalize the most important moment of my life!" Sam half-begged. Xinghe had no choice but to relent. Then, he wanted to help take a picture for the two of them. Mubai did not reject and pulled Xinghe in with his hand on her waist and stuck a pose.

Sam at that moment berated himself for his big mouth. Why would he volunteer to help them take picture? He was giving them the perfect chance to show off their love. Regardless, he still helped them take a few pictures just to get it over with.

After taking the pictures, Xinghe's group rushed towards the base. The base seemed to be right in front of them, but it still took them plenty of time and energy to trek through the crater-filled surface of the moon.

Thankfully, the three of them were in their physical prime, so it did not take much out of them. However, it had to be said that the moon was really not suitable for human living.

Their initial interest soon wore off after a continuous journey of nothingness. There were no plants, animals, or even aliens. There was nothing but rocks after rocks, and craters after craters.

Sam asked curiously, "What is so good about this place that made He Lan Yuan want to live here for several decades? No wonder he is insane."

He would not have lasted a day.

Xinghe was also befuddled. "Just to rule the world, he had himself sequestered here for several decades? What's the point?"

"That's right, I would rather give up world domination than stay here for so long for the plan to come into fruition," Sam said in agreement.

Mubai added, "Then, it looks like Shi Jian is not lying. No one would want to stay at a place like this."

"It is a miracle that they have not gone crazy by now," Sam said with a certain degree of admiration.

Xinghe sighed. "It is not that they want to stay here; they have no other option. They all should have been sent here when they were just children. They have been trapped here since and nowhere else to go."

"That He Lan Yuan is a madman! He deserves his current ending." Sam felt sorry for the people inside the base. The trio soon reached the base in the middle of their conservation.

When they were far away, they did not notice how big this base was. When they were near, they felt dwarfed by the size of the place.