Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 856

Chapter 856 We Want To Return To Earth
Chapter 856: We Want to Return to Earth!

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"After we return, I will personally take you all to taste them all, I guarantee you will want to continue eating and not do anything else once you have a taste."

Sam's grand promise heightened the emotion in the room and more came to surround them.

"When we return to Earth, can we really eat anything we want? Anything that is edible and tastes good?"

"You will not limit our food intake?"

"You are not worried that we will over indulge?"

Facing their questions that bordered on childish, Sam laughed. "I will tell you again, you guys do not need to worry about anything. You can eat all you want after you return, you can spend your whole life eating! Do not worry about the payment because this Mr. Xi before you will definitely help you all cover the expenses!"

Xinghe and Mubai were speechless.

Shi Jian and the rest immediately turned to look at Mubai with deep appreciation in their eyes. "Mr. Xi, you are really so generous. But there are so many of us, do you really not mind?"

Mubai smiled politely. "Don't worry, I don't mind. Furthermore, even without me, with your own capability, you will be able to enjoy the best life after you return to Earth."

"That's right, everyone here has the power to bring immense goodness to the world. If you do that, I am sure you will be promptly rewarded. The good lives that you have imagined are actually close in your grasp, however, you will not achieve that if you stay here forever," Xinghe added.

Sam nodded to concur, "She's right. Life is only a few short decades, why should we waste it for someone else's meaningless plot? I admit, the scale of this plan is huge, but what is there for you after Earth is destroyed? Nothing! You would continue to spend the rest of your lives on the moon, far away from happiness, from good food and scenery. So tell me, what is the point? Ask yourself, are you really happy living here? If I were forced to spend all my life here, I would choose to kill myself. In this galaxy, Earth is the prettiest planet and the most peaceful! He Lan Yuan wants to destroy that because of his twisted mindset, but I do not think any of you here share his crazy disposition. Do not waste your life on someone like him who has taken advantage of you for so long. Ask your heart, do you really want to spend your whole life here on your research and miss out on everything else that is good?"

The room was once again submerged into silence. Sam's words resonated deeply with them. They could not continue lying to themselves, they really did not want to spend their whole lives there. They wanted to enjoy life and not forced to do research day after day

That was not a life they wanted.

Shi Jian lowered his head from sadness. He gripped his fists and said, "You are right, we shouldn't stay here anymore, there is no reason to!"

Others agreed with him.

"I cannot stay here for another minute, I want to return to Earth!"

"Me too, if that is not possible, I'd rather die."

"Yes, we want to return to Earth!"

Almost everyone was voicing their wish to return to Earth. Their screams reached into the sky. It went to show the depth of their desire.

The human will could not be suppressed.

Before this, they had been suppressing themselves because they did not know better, but now that they did, after freedom was revealed to them, they could not continue lying to themselves anymore.