Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 863

Chapter 863 Expanded
Chapter 863: Expanded

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Very soon, the base's defense system would be activated!

By then, the base would self-destruct, and nothing would be safe.

"How much do we have left?" Mubai asked Xinghe solemnly. Xinghe replied without taking her eyes off the screen, "Probably less than a minute!"

Mubai was shocked, they only had such a short amount of time left. His hands that held the helmet got tighter, he was ready to shove it onto Xinghe when the time came. Everyone else had moved to the spaceships. The base was huge, there was a hangar used to keep the spaceships, the spaceships were large and numerous enough to contain everyone from the base. These were the spaceships He Lan Yuan had prepared for his grand return to Earth. However, without his command, the barrier above the hangar could not be opened and the spaceships would not be able to lift off.

He Lan Yuan controlled everything there and was insane enough to want to destroy his life's work. Since his plan had failed, he'd rather everyone else fail alongside him. His manic cackling had never once stopped throughout this process.

But did he really think he could take everyone out so easily? Impossible!

Xinghe had determination flaring in her eyes. She would never give up, not until the very last second!

Xinghe had completely entered her optimum state, her limit was once again pushed to greater heights. The external world was tuned out and even time had become relative. She did not waste even a tenth of a second, the last minute was used to its maximum capacity.

The atmosphere in the base was increasingly tense following her crazy tapping on the keyboard. The sirens were increasingly shrill as if they would break the sound barrier at any moment!

Just as everything was going to reach its maximum height, seconds before the big explosion, the sirens in the base stopped!

Shi Jian and the rest in the spaceships were stupefied.

They stood frozen and looked at each other with apparent disbelief. The sirens stopped

Xinghe was successful, she had cracked the defense system

As if answering their question, the barrier above the hangar slowly opened. The fake blue sky parted to reveal the vast and dark cosmos. There had not been a greater moment where they loved the look of space so much. Their souls seemed to have escaped into the vast nothingness, so broad and so free. The sense of freedom was so overwhelmingly uplifting that it made them want to laugh aloud. And that was what they did, they laughed like they had never laughed before, which was not that far off from the truth.

The people at the base had never known laughter, but at that moment, they laughed from the bottom of their hearts and truly understood the meaning of the word, joy.

The sensation was even greater than the dreams of world domination. Sam was right, they had never experienced happiness and joy. They would never experience it if they kept staying there. Thankfully, they were going to leave the place!

Shi Jian immediately ordered a few people to go fetch Xinghe and Mubai. Right then, he realized Sam had disappeared. He did not notice Sam had rushed out of the spaceship the moment the sirens stopped.

Shi Jian did not dally and took his men to catch up to him.