Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Her Design
Chapter 870: Her Design

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"The world can betray me for all I care but not her. I don't believe she would do this to me, I don't believe this"

He Lan Yuan shook his head vehemently. However, no matter how hard he tried to deceive himself, he could not stop himself from shaking. The realization that Xia Wa had betrayed him immediately affected his health.

"It does not matter whether you believe it or not; she is telling you she does not care for everything you have given her, because those are not the things she wanted. You forced them on her, and you will never be able to control her again."

Xinghe did not want to be in the same space as him anymore, so she turned to leave after she spoke her mind. However, as she took her first step, He Lan Yuan suddenly started to laugh. The laughs were filled with unfettered glee. Xinghe turned around to look at him with curiosity.

After He Lan Yuan calmed down, he removed his twisted smile to stare at her and said clearly, "But she was the one who designed Project Galaxy."

Xinghe's eyes widened with shock.

With information gathered from Shi Jian and the rest, Xinghe knew a bit more about Project Galaxy. The project referred to the five hundred satellites which littered the space around Earth; it was a mad project aimed to destroy the world.

This project involved many forces, and many tragedies had happened due to this project. Therefore, Xinghe was utterly surprised when she found out that the mastermind behind this heartless project was her own mother. How was that even possible?

However, no matter whether Xinghe was going to believe him or not, she knew He Lan Yuan was not lying to her, he had no reason to. He was telling the truth; the project was her mother's design or else so many things would not be explained.

She was able to escape and more than capable to expose and stop He Lan Yuan, so why didn't she do that?

Also, why would she name her Xia Xinghe. She knew about Project Galaxy and used that as Xinghe's namesake, wasn't she being a little bit on the nose about it?

Not to be forgotten was the fact that she had never spoken a word about her actual name and background. From all this evidence, it was clear that she was hiding a lot of information from them. This project had to be her doing. Only she could come up with such a project and make it a reality but Xinghe could not understand why.

The spaceships in the base had advanced designs. Even as they travelled through space, they did not feel any bumps or turns. The gravity inside the spaceship could be tweaked using the system in the spaceship according to flight situation. Therefore, standing in there, Xinghe and the rest felt like they were travelling in a fast and stable train.

Standing beside the window, Xinghe stared into the vast space, but the vastness was not reflected within her. He Lan Yuan's gloating and weird face when he said that one fateful sentence kept appearing in her mind. It bothered her greatly even though she had no idea why.

Could it be because she knew it was her mother who designed Project Galaxy?

She designed Project Galaxy and then had her come to destroy it what was the point in that?

Could it be that she regretted coming up with the project and wanted her to stop it?

Even though it had been thirteen years since Xinghe saw her mother, her memory of her was still fresh. She could still remember the impression her mother had left on her like it was just yesterday.