Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Even Xinghe Could Not Understand Her
Chapter 871: Even Xinghe Could Not Understand Her

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In her memory, her mother had always been a peaceful and calm person. She had never seen her mother lose her composure; it was as if she did not care about anything in the world. Even if the sky were to fall, she wouldn't even bat an eye.

Xinghe was the most impressed by her brilliance; she was the most intelligent woman Xinghe had ever met in this world. Everything Xinghe was she'd learnt from her, even her calm personality that bordered on aloofness, she'd inherited from her mother.

However, her capability was still less than her mother's. This went to show how truly talented Xinghe's mother really was.

Therefore, Xinghe could not understand what was going through her mind. If this was any other person, Xinghe would be able to read his or her mind, but this was her mother, the one person she could not understand.

Xinghe stood by the window, ruminating on what He Lan Yuan had said. Mubai walked over and passed her a bottle of water. "What's on your mind?"

Xinghe was pulled out of her reverie as she accepted the bottle and took a sip from it. However, she did not answer.

The man also looked out into the black cosmos, the glittering starlight was reflected in his dark eyes. In a wispy tone, he asked, "Ever since you came out of the room, you have been looking out the window. What did He Lan Yuan say to you?"

Xinghe turned to look at him, at his perfect features' profile.

"He told me something completely unexpected."

"What is it?" Mubai turned to face her, his eyes as gentle as the calming sea. The two of them had no secrets; Xinghe did not want to keep anything away from him.

She surveyed their surroundings to make sure no one was around and said softly, "He said Project Galaxy was designed by my mother."

As she expected, a flash of surprised appeared in Mubai's eyes. This was pretty much how Xinghe had reacted when she was told the news. Xinghe continued with confidence, "And I believe him."

"What else did he say?" Mubai asked in a whisper, his expression back to normal.

Xinghe told him everything. After Mubai heard everything, his curiosity regarding Xinghe's mother was piqued. "Sounds like she is an incredible woman. Alas, I did not have the chance to meet her."

"I, too, have not seen her for many years, but my instincts tell me she is still alive, but where has she hidden herself?" Xinghe frowned slightly. "Why did she do this? What is she up to?"

Mubai also could not understand what Xinghe's mother was thinking. He consoled her, "Don't worry too much, at least this proves that she does not have much hostility toward this world or else she would not have left you the clue to take down the system. Plus, with her brilliance, I am sure she is surviving just fine. She probably has something she needs to deal with, when she wants to show herself, I am sure she will."

Xinghe nodded. "That is one way to look at it. But I still wish to find her and ask her what she's doing all this for face-to-face."

"Okay, we will search for her together after we return," Mubai promised. He would support every one of Xinghe's endeavors. Ever since they got together, he had never said no to her.

For some reason, Xinghe felt she was being spoiled by Mubai. Then she laughed to herself, because if that really happened, then Mubai had managed to do something miraculous.

After more consolation from Mubai, Xinghe also decided to put this out of mind for now.