Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Wordless And Helpless Sadness
Chapter 882: Wordless and Helpless Sadness

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"Mr. Sam, please watch your words, we are merely putting the whole of humanity's safety first."

"So, for that, they have to be sacrificed?"

"This is not a sacrifice."

"That's right. We know about their life on the moon; on this island, we will provide them a life that is at least several hundred times better. I think it is enough for them to spend the rest of their lives peacefully."

Sam's gaze hardened. "What they want is not a life trapped on a tiny island."

"What we want is world peace."

"There are places all over the world that are not peaceful, so why don't you go do something about that?"

"We are, starting with this."

"But they will not harm the world. If they had that intention, they would not have stopped He Lan Yuan and surrendered."

The group of ambassadors stone-walled him no matter how emotional Sam got. They tried to console him and reason with him. "We admit you are not wrong, but how can you be sure this is not part of their elaborate ruse? How can you be sure they are truly innocent? He Lan Yuan is unable to continue his scheme, but how can you be sure these people will not carry out his masterplan? If you cannot assure us with one hundred percent certainty that they are safe, it will useless. Even if you can, your words mean nothing. In conclusion, this is the decision passed by United Nations. No one can change, not even you all."

The ambassadors left after that.

Sam slumped to the floor, defeated. Xinghe and Mubai were still silent. The meeting room was permeated with a sense of heavy melancholy. Ali and the rest of SamWolf walked in and noticed the weird atmosphere instantly.

"What's wrong?" Ali asked cautiously.

Ee Chen seemed to sense the issue, and he also asked, "What was discussed earlier? The ambassadors who left just earlier did not look too happy."

"I am the one who is not happy!" Sam slammed his fist on the table.

"What exactly happened?" Cairn frowned.

Sam told them everything. Yesterday, after Sam got settled, he spent the whole night telling SamWolf his adventure to the moon. He told them about many things, including his experience with Shi Jian and the guys. He painted a picture of their innocence. They might have high IQ, but they had low EQ. No matter how exaggerated Sam was in his story, they would believe him without question. He also mentioned many interesting things that happened along the way.

Therefore, SamWolf and Ee Chen had a good impression of this bunch of people, especially since they knew of the life they had led. However, the United Nations was going to keep them locked up on a small island; this decision angered them appropriately.

"But why?" Ali demanded angrily. "They have not harmed anyone, if anything, they are the victims, so why should they be treated like this? This is all He Lan Yuan and He Lan family's fault, so why should they suffer on their behalf?"

Sam laughed mirthlessly. "That is a good question. They were captured against their will to conduct research for He Lan Yuan and have harmed no one, so why would they be treated be this way?"

"This is too much." Cairn frowned and asked, "What is the difference between this punishment and their life on the moon base?"

"You're right. It was not easy for them to come home, and they will be imprisoned before they even have the chance to enjoy the world at large. This is too sad, Xinghe, can you figure out a way to help them?" Ali looked to Xinghe with pleading eyes.