Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Because Of Their Capability
Chapter 883: Because of their Capability

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They were used to turning to her for solutions. In their hearts, there was nothing Xinghe could not do. They believed she had a solution for this problem as well. After all, she did solve a crisis that threatened the whole world.

"I can't do anything," Xinghe replied softly, to their dismay. Ali and the rest were baffled.

"Xinghe, what did you say?" Ali gasped in horror. "Even you have no solution?"

"Sadly, that's correct." Xinghe was expressionless. If she had a solution, she would not have remained silent throughout.

Ali's lips turned upside down. "Even you have no usable idea? If this stymies even you, then it is truly a helpless situation."

"But why is there no solution?" Sam queried.

Mubai answered, "Because this is the United Nations' decision. They have all the right reasons, and we cannot guarantee anything."

Therefore, their hands were tied. The wind seemed to go out of Sam. "Then, we can only sit quietly as they"

Xinghe did not say anything, but her silence said it all.

"But if they are really innocent, they will be devastated when they are informed of the news," Ali said sadly.

Sam said weakly, "I even promised Kai Li and the gang to take them to climb the highest mountain, to visit the biggest plain, and to travel the seas."

Alas, all that would not come true. Shi Jian and the guys were passionate about discovering Earth; they planned to travel the world and to try every experience available, to be a normal human being for once, but it was destined not to be.

No one could sway the United Nations' decision, they could only end up in quarantine. Sam worried this move would upset Shi Jian and the guys, thus flaring their decision to revolt. After all, they had grown up under He Lan Yuan's tutelage, so no one could guarantee that He Lan Yuan's teachings did not rub off on them due to constant exposure. Doing this might cause the disaster that the United Nations was trying to prevent. The United Nations' actions made no sense to them.

"Xinghe, is there really no solution? Even if they are separated from each other, that will still be better than nothing," Ali suggested and inspiration hit Cairn.

"Yes, that might work, if they are separated, then the possible danger would not be so big. Plus, they are all talented geniuses, quarantining them is such a waste."

Ali nodded in agreement. "That's right, the United Nations' worry will be lowered if they are separated. They are all incredible talents, so if used properly, people's lives will greatly improve."

SamWolf thought these people's talents would be able to help them escape from the United Nations' unjust treatment, which was why they were so shocked by what Xinghe had to say.

"It is because of their incredible talent that they have to be quarantined."

"Why?" This time it was Ee Chen who asked the question, shocked.

Xinghe explained with a sigh, "Because they are not affiliated to any country, they are free citizens of the world."

"So, that should give them the freedom they deserve. Is this because no country is willing to shelter them?" Ali was confused.

Xinghe shook her head as she stood up. "The exact opposite, everyone wants to shelter them and that is why no one is going to have them."

Then, she strode out of the room, leaving behind the rest who were completely stunned.