Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 891

Chapter 891 I Will Save You I Will Give You Freedom
Chapter 891: I Will Save You; I Will Give you Freedom

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But no matter how harsh the soldiers pressed down on them, they continued to struggle. Everyone was yelling at the top of their lungs like this was their last bout, like a beast in despair.

Witnessing their strong and painful emotions, the members of SamWolf were stunned. They really had not thought that these people's desire for freedom would be so strong. Normal people would go down easily against specially-trained soldiers, but these people continued to struggle even though their limbs were at the point of dislocating. Despair was plainly written on their faces

This was worse than an open slaughter. Why should they be treated this way? What wrong did they do other than being chosen by He Lan family?

SamWolf was deeply infected by their sorrow and despair. They gripped their fists tightly and finally they lost control of the fury burning in their hearts.

"Let them go" Sam roared as he rushed to tackle the soldier who was apprehending Shi Jian. His roar was like an order for the rest of the SamWolf. They were professional mercenaries, so they managed to rescue many people in the short amount of time.

Tong Liang saw this and her face hardened. "Do you people want to die? Fine, guards, shoot them!"

"Stop right now!" At the same time, Xinghe's sharp voice pierced through the room. Her words were like magic, SamWolf and Shi Jian's group stopped their actions immediately. As they did so, all the soldiers also stopped moving.

Xinghe scanned everyone there and asked Tong Liang in a clear and powerful voice, "Do you have to take them away no matter what?"

For some reason, Tong Liang felt great pressure talking to Xinghe. She pulled herself to her full height and replied firmly, "Yes, they all have to be taken away."

"Simply because they might be a threat to the human society?" Xinghe asked with a cold smile.

"There are many reasons, but this is the decision approved internationally. Of course, we have our reasons for making this decision, and there are many pieces of information that I am not in the liberty to reveal," Tong Liang explained nonchalantly, letting them know at the same time that they were captured due to some other reasons as well. But what reasons could there be? Who else knew about He Lan Yuan's scheme better than them?

Xinghe did not want to play this political dance with her so she demanded coldly, "Is there a way for them to get released?"

Tong Liang smirked slightly. "There is not. We have already given them as much leeway as possible. Miss Xia, I advise you to stay out of this; this is not something you can intervene."

"What if I decide to intervene?" Xinghe questioned.

Tong Liang's smile faded. "Then it also depends on whether you have that capability or not."

"You're right, I am unable to do anything now."

Xinghe turned to look at Shi Jian and the rest. Facing the expectant glow in their eyes, she announced clearly, "You all are right, I am the one who gave all of you hope, so I will not disappoint you. It is because of your contribution that He Lan Yuan's evil plan was stopped, so I will not let your effort go to waste. I only have one question for you, do you believe me or not?"

"Miss Xia, what do you plan to do?" Shi Jian asked immediately, his blood was strangely boiling.

"I am going to rescue all of you to give you the freedom and life you deserve. Do you trust me or not" Xinghe answered in a loud and powerful voice.

At that moment, everyone was stunned.