Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Then Go Take It Yourself
Chapter 894: Then Go Take It Yourself

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Chui Qian could handle those matters just fine. Their mission was accomplished, and they had nothing to do with the rest.

Lu Qi had removed He Bin's memory that was in He Lan Qi's body. He Bin's physical had recovered for the most part, and He Lan Qi was jailed. They had nothing else to do there anymore. However, their leave was indeed too sudden, and Chui Qian did not even have the chance to give them a proper send-off.

"Mr. President, we still have things to rush home to. We will meet again next time," Mubai told him politely.

Chui Qian nodded and said, "Of course, I will not force you all to stay if that's the case. Come on, I will have my men send you to the airport. Consider it a personal thank you for the things you have done for me and this country."

"Mr. President is too kind," Mubai answered with a smile. He was a social person; his interaction with Chui Qian was on point. This was Xinghe's weakness; she would only add a word or two here and there.

Chui Qian arranged a limo and driver for them. However, as Xinghe's group was going to get into the car, Tong Liang suddenly arrived with a group of people behind her.

"The few of you are leaving?"

She walked over slowly with a thin smile on her face. Her question was directed at Xinghe. For some reason, she always targeted Xinghe, but her actual thoughts about Xinghe was an unknown.

Xinghe nodded. "Yes."

Tong Liang asked with grace, "Why so soon? You all have just returned from the moon yesterday and you're leaving tonight, isn't that a bit too hurried?"

"There is no reason for us to stay anymore," Xinghe answered softly. Sam and the rest behind Xinghe stared blankly at Tong Liang. Their impression of this woman was bad.

Tong Liang ignored them and said with a smile, "There are plenty of reasons for you all to stay. We still have many questions for you and need your cooperation with many things."

"We have said everything we need to say and have done everything required of us. We have nothing else left to say and so there is no reason for us to stay," Xinghe retorted flatly, not giving her any face.

Tong Liang smiled. "That is what Miss Xia thinks, but from how we see it, there are still questions that you people have not answered."

"I am sorry, I can't think of anything that we have not explained to you."

"Then, let me remind you. Don't tell me, Miss Xia went to the moon base and did not come back with more information?"

Xinghe's eyes darkened. "What kind of information you're referring to?"

"Naturally, their technology." Tong Liang smiled. "None of you seem to have mentioned any technology, but I am sure that is because Miss Xia must have forgotten about it."

This ignited Sam's anger immediately. "What, you think we're harboring their technology? Xinghe does not need their technology; she is better than that."

Tong Liang ignored Sam completely like he was air. She stared at Xinghe and said, "Miss Xia is only good at computer science, but He Lan Yuan's technology covered many different fields. Miss Xia, their technology belongs to the world, and if you claim it for yourself, that is a crime against the world."

"What crime will that be?" Xinghe asked with a raised brow. "If you want their technologies so badly, why don't you go take it yourself?"

Tong Liang's face shifted from the indecorous answer. Ali hugged her arms and said smugly, "That's right, if you want their technology so badly, why don't you go to the moon and take it? If you can, go crack the satellite system and the base's defense system and go take it yourself."

"We did not take anything from the base, everything was left on the moon, so if you don't believe it, you can go see it for yourself," Sam added with a mischievous grin.