Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Research On Our Own
Chapter 902: Research on Our Own

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"Of course, the United Nations will still conduct a test on their capability to see how advanced they really are."

Xinghe's group was the most familiar with their capability. They had visited their labs and factories when they were on the moon.

This was especially true for Mubai, who made a rudimentary assessment of their technology when he was there. Their ability was definitely greater than Earth's current technology and therein lay the problem.

Their level was too high for the world in general to be able to catch up to them soon. Based on the research into memory cells alone, the world would need several decades to reach their level. The probability of them being released would be very small, in that case, it was highly possible that their incarceration would be for life.

The President expressed his woe over their incarceration. "They are all valuable talents and shouldn't be quarantined like this. Great use of them will definitely bring great wealth to the overall human society. Unfortunately, most of the countries hold conservative values and are cautious of other countries gaining a technological edge over them. Therefore, many developing and third-world countries were adamantly against allowing these people to join the public. Labelling them as terrorists is of course only political talk. In the same vein, even the allocation of the black metal found on the moon will take at least one or two years of discussion before there is a conclusive solution."

The black metal was incredible valuable; similar to Shi Jian and the guys, everyone wanted them and wanted them for themselves only. Therefore, there would be a lot of debate and political maneuvers before a final decision could be made. This was diplomacy, a war during peacetime!

Xinghe nodded. "I understand."

"Therefore, if you have any thoughts of saving them, I advise you forget it because that is impossible," the President added meaningfully.

Mubai commented nonchalantly, "It only benefits everyone if these wonderful talents are allowed to work without limitation. It comes as a surprise that even though we are in the modern century, so many countries are still afraid of change and development."

Elder Shen also added pointedly, "That is why the world has stood at a standstill for so long with no improvement. With how things are going, I fear humanity will only go backward!"

"One kind of rice feeds millions of people. There are various belief and cultures, and we cannot force others to see things our way; there is simply nothing we can do," the President offered diplomatically.

"If they don't want to advance themselves, then we will do it on our own," Xinghe said suddenly and seriously.

The President was startled.

Xinghe looked him in the eye and said, "Mr. President, I wish to open an academy, I hope you will approve it."

"An academy?" the President repeated with apparent confusion.

Xinghe's group explained to the President the general direction of their plan and he finally agreed. After all, opening an academy was a good thing.

However, Xinghe's academy was unique in the sense that she would only admit uniquely-talented people, like known geniuses or people with special skills.

However, such people were hard to entice. They had their own arrogance and would not admit just anyone as their teacher. Furthermore, she wanted to enroll many people, making the difficulty of her plan even higher.

Therefore, many people had doubts regarding the feasibility of Xinghe's plan. However, Xinghe was confident, and the President did not have the heart to say anything to her.

Furthermore, they trusted her. Plus, this was a plan in which they had nothing to lose; they were willing to let Xinghe try.

The President was an admirer of Xinghe's talent and capability, and he was in her debt for many things, so he approved of her demands easily.