Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Complexities
Chapter 920: Complexities

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Many media outlets wanted to interview Xinghe due to her sudden appointment as Hwa Xia's ambassador. She also wanted to make a statement as soon as possible to put a lid on the increasingly worrying diplomatic issues.

Tong Liang was shocked when she heard Xinghe had been appointed as the new ambassador. How come she had not heard anything about it earlier?

Xinghe was suddenly appointed, rushed through voting, and assumed office.

Tong Liang had always thought Xinghe was someone she had to be careful around. She might be in her twenties but the brilliance in her pair of eyes seemed to be sharper than elders who had seen the world. Every time she came up against her, Tong Liang would subconsciously become guarded.

Now that Xinghe had suddenly been appointed Hwa Xia's ambassador to oversee this incident, Tong Liang had a sneaking feeling something was amiss. Her instincts told her she had to be a lot more careful around Xia Xinghe, their target

Tong Liang called an unknown number to report all these happenings.

The news that Xinghe wanted to call a press conference was soon spread across the country. The foreign media stationed in City A had all received a notice and invitation.

The congress hall was filled to the brim with reporters well before the allotted time. The large hall was squeezed with people. Every reporter was curious about this woman who had managed to save the world and had suddenly become Hwa Xia's ambassador.

This was going to be the first time they had interviewed her, so they'd prepared many questions. However, some of the questions were miles harder than others.

Xinghe was busy preparing backstage with the aid of her fellow ambassadors and secretary. They were giving her last-minute lessons on how to speak, how to face the media, so on and so forth

They were worried about her because she had no experience in foreign affairs. They wished they could transplant their knowledge into Xinghe's brain or at least replace her to host this conference. Xinghe understood and appreciated their kindness, so she stood and listened quietly.

Ali and Sam, who were acting as Xinghe's bodyguards, thought these people had grossly underestimated Xinghe. This was a woman who had saved the world before, so why would she be afraid of a small press conference?

However, Xinghe was humble and was willing to learn from others more experienced than her.

Soon, Tong Liang also arrived at the scene. As United Nations' vice secretary, her schedule was packed; she had a hand in almost everything. However, that was only in name due to respect for the United Nations; she actually had no power in anything.

Other than Xinghe's group, who knew about Tong Liang's dirty laundry, the impression others had of her was a professional woman who loved peace and her country. They welcomed her warmly when they saw her.

Tong Liang had always upheld a graceful and proper image. Her face was never without a smile, giving off the feeling of kindness and friendliness.

She used her position as a senior to chat with Xinghe. "Miss Xia, I was surprised you suddenly assumed a position at Hwa Xia's embassy. This news is so sudden and unbelievable, so much so that I had not heard any news about it before this."

Tong Liang's words were calm and natural, but Xinghe knew Tong Liang was feeling her out and was snidely commenting on the possibility of an inside story behind her sudden appointment.

Xinghe replied with a smile, "Desperate times call for desperate measures. Miss Tong is busy with the work from the United Nations, so I wouldn't be surprised if Miss Tong missed the news."